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Beauty Product Reviews

um, is there a love button???

O.M.G........OMG....OMG!!!!!!! after one use this miracle in a jar transformed my hair into silk!!!!!!! it is simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy it!!! just buy it!!!! you just have to get it it!!!!!! you will NEVER have anothe rbad hair day ever again!!!!!!!

love love love

i was so excited to get this in the mail when it finnally arived to my home in Pa it felt like Christmas!!!!! i spent hours and hours trying out new looks eveyday with the abundance of colors and finishes. the texture is like silk and they are soooo pigmented i could literally do anything with this pallet, for example i love red lipstick but i ran out so i mixed and blended the red shadows together on my lips and tada awesome, bright, matte red lips and i use them alot for eyeiner i just wet my brush and wing out the top lash line and lightly contour my crease and tada a great easy pin up eye, i also like to use funky color in an extra thick pinup like style for a modern twist, gorgeous!!!!! ive even used some of the whites and browns for highlighting and contouring my face


i really love alot of elfs products and even if there is a product im not happy with i always find something to use it for......except this one not only did it not keep my shadows on longer or prevent them from creasing, but it actually made them crease even more. the texture of the product is also very disapointing to me because it just seems like the watered down liquid foundation or something ugh but i dont know what im gonna do with it now


my mother actually purchased this product for her self but i love using it for facial highlights! they give a beautiful angelic like look to the face, i also like using them for frosty lip color and lip highlights as well as inner cornner and brow highlights, but i dont recomend them as shadow with out a powder shadow or product layered over it because it will crease

ok but not wowed

i have almost snow white, acne prone, oily skin, and so i need full coverage concealer and fondations that also cover redness of the acne as well as hormonal redness and my dark circles but neither one of the skin tone colors in the lightest pallet were light enogh for my skin. the texture of the product was way too thick, i couldnt even get it on to my brush to apply it to my face, so i had to scrape chunks of it out of the pallet and apply it with my fingers. it barely covered any of my acne or redness or dark circles so i tried the corective colors which ddnt make a difference either. the next day i broke out worse. although i was dissapointed in this product for the way it was intended to be used i actually love to use it for matte lipstick i use the darker skin tone shade in the cornners and under my bottom lip and the other for the rest of my lips, i then use the pink as a lip highlight in the centers of both my lips, or sometimes i just wear the pink aloan


this product is ok it does last for a long time, but when i tried to put on a second layer it all rubbed off kind of like what happens when you put too many coats of nail pollish on at a time and it also did something similar when i tried to use the lip balm stuff that comes with it. it also smells and tastes odd and it dried out my lips, which should be expected with a lip stain, but usually it goes away after i apply glos or balm but it just rubbed everything off and ddnt work


i found this product when i was looking for last minute makeup for a dance and i wasnt really looking for anything like but i happend to see it and i knew i had to have it! i bought the white one (sorry dont the name) its sparkly shimmery and just BEAUTIFUL! its very pigmented and it looks like it was made in heaven!!!!!! i love using it in my inner cornners and on my cheek bones, although i think its a little too strong for all over facial highlights and brow highlights so i still use it for those, but i belnd them out with a matte white another small issue i had was when i did a look for a contest on a good friend of mine, she had a bad allergic reaction to it. it could happen with anyone and any product, but just be careful especially if you have contacts and/or other cosmetic related allergies


i am in ove with this gloss!!!!! not only is it beautiful to stare at (for hours and hours) but its moisturizing not sticky or goopy it acts like an oil or something and it lets your lips be kissable the only thing i was dissapointed with is that its prettier to stare at it in the tube than on your lips, its pretty mucha clear gloss on but im still in love with it!!!!


i really like these alot i purchased the white one and the "bronzy" one lol im not sure what the names are the are pretty pigmented for drugstore products i love using the white as my face highlights it makes your skin angelic and beautiful i really like to use it as a brow and inner cornner highlight as well and i use the bronze mostly as a transitional shade to fade my shimmery highlights into my matte smoky browns, it really helps give the look a gradient effect and warms up the entire look a little more

i cant live without it!!!!!

i purchased the relaxing vanilla gloss (chill out) and OMG!!!!! the glitter flecs were perfectly distributed, the giant brush applied the perfect amount of gloss, and the taste and smell is AMAZING!!!!!!!! seriously your dumb if you dont buy this hahaha but seriouslly its like putting a vanilla cupcake on your lips!!!!

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