Beauty Product Reviews

This pomade is awesome!

I happened to stumble upon this product at Sephora, I originally never went in intending to purchase it, but I'm glad I did (plus I had seen SO many pictures on Instagram of people using this so I was curious). For years, I have filled in my brows with a pencil and on occasion I still do if I'm in a rush. Now that I use this product, I see my eyebrows in a completely different way! My brows have never looked so good! When I tried it at home for the first time I did what the instructions said, but unknowingly took way too much on the brush. Needless to say, my brows looked like a hot mess. After a few tries and a light hand, it was like magic that happened to my eyebrows. You can look very natural with this product and very dramatic, the choice is up to the user. I encourage everyone to at least try out the product.


This primer is amazing! I have combination skin and I apply it after washing and moisturizing my skin. It applies and blends well and make my skin feel really smooth. At the moment, I wear tinted moisturizer, as oppose to foundation, on a regular basis. With wearing that, I can wear my makeup for about 10 hours without blotting (which is pretty darn good). I highly recommend this product for anyone that has combination skin.

This is AMAZING!

So, basically this stuff is amazing! I've heared that it is comparable to the MAC paint pots, which I do not own, but that's probably a good thing! At the moment, I only own Bad to the Bronze and I adore it! This past Sunday I put it on with my eyeshadow on top at around 8-8:30 a.m. and when I was ready to wash my face at about 9 p.m, it looked like I had just put it on! I have to say to those who are wondering if they should get this, you should you'll love it! Also, they're a great price!

Awsome Palette!

It took me forever to get this palette (I got it when I went to the States), but when I finally got it I was so happy! I love that I'm able to create a whole bunch of looks (neutral to smokey eye) with just this palette. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile palette =)


I love this eyeliner so much, I don't even remember the last time I use pencil liner on my upper lash line! This is one amazing product that's a good price and I'd suggest it to anyone that wants a good gel liner that will last all day.


I started using deep conditioning mask about a year ago and the first one I bought was the Macadamia Nut Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask, which is good. But then I found the MorrocanOil Restorative Hair Mask and I was amazed! This deep conditioner keeps my hair so nice, shiny, and soft between my relaxers which is awesome. I have yet to buy the oil, but when I do, I'll definitely do a review =)

Great Product

I really like the pigmentation of this product, it's very nice and true to color. I could live without the smell, but for the price I don't mind too much =)