Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light


K W.

LOVE. I use it under Estee Lauder Double Wear. This fills in my large pores around my nose area. It also helps foundation last way longer & helps foundation not catch dry spots. This doesn't aggravate my acne prone skin. Not sure if this actually helps with oilyness but I will keep using regardless

Lauren M.

Upside this primer works absolutely well with the Smashbox Photo Ready foundation. Downside, I have tried to use it with other foundations, & it didn't hold other brand foundations. This primer has a very smooth touch. It glides on really well & you only need about a pea size amount to prime your face. It doesn't have a strong scent like some other primers I've used in the past. & it doesn't leave a film on your skin either!

Danielle V.
Loved it!

Best primer I've ever used. Love how it's clear so it'll work with any skin tone. Once set, leaves eyelids with a velvety texture and all eyeshadow work wonders over top of it! I used a sample size of this, and I'm tempted to buy a full!

Miss J.
It has it's days, but overall great!

This is a pretty decent primer for ladies with comb/oily skin. I have used this product with and without a moisturizer underneath as well as with/without a setting spray. When using this, I would definitely suggest letting it set on your face for at least 5-7 minutess before applying any product on top. You definitely want to let this absorb into your skin first, otherwise you will have a greasy/shiny face within 2-3 hours. Also for me, I must use some sort of setting spray to finish the look (especially matte) as this product will NOT do that for you. I have also noticed that this product works great with some of my foundations and not so hot for others. It's a silicone based, so my oily ladies use SPARINGLY. I also suggest starting out with the travel size first to get a feel of the product as it is not very cheap. Good luck!!!

Lilian S.

This primer is amazing! I have combination skin and I apply it after washing and moisturizing my skin. It applies and blends well and make my skin feel really smooth. At the moment, I wear tinted moisturizer, as oppose to foundation, on a regular basis. With wearing that, I can wear my makeup for about 10 hours without blotting (which is pretty darn good). I highly recommend this product for anyone that has combination skin.

Nadia N.
Its ok

I think this and its easy to use and it is light. I do have combination skin and my pores still kind of show through and that is my only gripe with the product. It does a great job of keeping my makeup on.

Donna P.
amazing primer

I loved using this primer, it definitely made a difference in the application and wear of my foundation.

When my makeup is on, my skin does not appear flaking or dry, and it feels so nice and soft. I like the light version because my skin tends to get oily throughout the day, so i find this helps keep my skin a bit more matte.

This brand isnt too available in Australia, (i think it may be sold at myer but otherwise it's very hard to get) so I buy mine off ebay.

Bebe F.
The best primer ever!

I love this stuff i also love the blend in apricot.. it works so well and glides on to your skin like silk... its not like the other photo ready one (clear) which does nothing for me... so this one is a hit in my book!

Charis A.

I love this stuff!! It is my favorite primer!! It really does my foundation last all day. I like primers that leave me with a matte finish rather than a dewy finish. This primer minimizes my imperfections like no other primer I have used. This primer is made for oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin. I have combination skin so this primer is perfect. If you have dry skin I would suggest using the regular Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I just love how this primer makes my face look.

Louise S.
Great for Sensitive Skin

I have combination/sensitive skin & I absolutely love this foundation primer! It comes in a pump dispenser which is fantastic for using only a small amount at a time, and keeps it free from air contact which eliminates product contamination. It is oil-free & fragrance free which is perfect for my sensitive skin, and it sets on the skin quickly and makes it feel like silk - A perfect smooth base for my foundation!