Beauty Product Reviews


this mascara makes my lashes appear longer and so so dark I love it. my lashes don't look clumpy just full and super sexy. I highly recommend this mascara to everyone. its a bit pricey for a "mascara" but I will pay it again with no issue I really like it


I am blown away by the pigmentation of this lip color Cover girl is a power house drugstore brand and this lipstick proves why they are the brand they are today. At first I wanted this because I wanted to start trying out drugstore lipsticks and I choose them because of the color choices, now I NEED to have them because of the color payoff, Quality of the product and the color choice : ) seriously you don't have to keep reapplying and you don't have to keep swiping it just to get a strong lip it's hands down amazing!! try it you'll love it! this color in the photo is Spellbound


I used this palette in my last tutorial and was amazed on how vibrant it all turned out. I have had this for a while and haven't used it and wow big mistake on my behalf because the pigmentation is amazing and the colors are absolutely beautiful and let's not forget the price so I say give this a try I'm sure you'll love it!

Never Fail polish

China Glaze is an amazing brand, when I was pregnant I really wanted to have my nails painted at all times I wanted to paint my nails at least twice a week haha however my sister bought me a ton of colors from china glaze and I was really happy with them all but they wouldn't chip..EVER!! which meant I had no reason to reapply nail polish so I had to chip my nails manually haha and then smile because now I could polish ( sick I know, hey I was pregnant and bored haha) so this is a winner in my book, unless you like chippy nail polish : )


This product smells amazing and keeps my hair absolutely moisturized so I definitely recommend this product if you have dry or curly hair like mine. Also did I mention smells amazing haha!!

Ruby Woo!!

I absolutely love this lip color its matte which is great because this is a red shade and trust me you'll get tons of attention with this one no need for any gloss... anytime I wear this I get asked what is that color!!! bottom line this Red is for you and me it loves every and any skin tone!!


ok Im a fan of the very popular UD primer so wow was I amazed by this ELF primer at the price of $1 and it worked and I have oily lids and I like to wear my eye shadow so this primer is a must for me I really Recommend this!

Love Love Love!!

I have very curly hair and I love and appreciate this product It makes my hair super soft and defined I don't use gel so defined curls are hard to come by at times if I don't use the right product...this is the RIGHT product Ladies and Gents

I love using this when im using bright shadows as this base allows the shadows to pop to their fullest potential. The price is amazing compared to other favorites of mine so this is a favorite purchase of mine.

I love the coverage and Matte finish I get when using this foundation It has a scent but not A bad or strong one. I think this is a great purchase!!