Giorgio Armani

'Eyes to Kill' Mascara


Ksenia R.
Great texture, but so crumbly!

I love this mascara. The packaging feels so expensive in your hand, the wand is a good shape. It goes on so smooth and layers beautifully! BUT! But. This shit crumbles like no other, and I'm so sad about that, because otherwise this would be my go-to mascara.

Jacqueline S.
Best Mascara I've found

I love mascaras, Its the one thing I never leave my house without. Usually i've been mixing two mascaras to get the lash look i want. The other day my friend gave me a sample of this Eyes To Kill mascara. My mind is blown. It still held up well after I wore it all day at work

Stephanie L.

this mascara makes my lashes appear longer and so so dark I love it. my lashes don't look clumpy just full and super sexy. I highly recommend this mascara to everyone. its a bit pricey for a "mascara" but I will pay it again with no issue I really like it