Blue Shatter


Catherine E.

When I opened the bottle for the first time, I was not thrilled at the consistency. It clumped on the brush and that didn't make application easy at all. However, the color is gorgeous (I have the middle color)! I have shorter nails, so the whole shattering effect probably wasn't as "shattery" as it could have been. So overall, I say its okay...not really for the beauties who haven't reached that desired nail length yet. I'd wait for it..or just get fake nails.

Kelsea M.
Pretty but Not Worth It

I bought a navy shatter a while ago and as soon as I opened it, it was SUPER clumpy. I called to see if I could return in. After TONS of calls to OPI, they finally called back and sent me a replacement polish. Much better. It definitely shatters but the polish is pretty sheer so it turns out more royal blue then navy. Usually with sheer polishes you add more coats but that doesn't really work with shatter. I applied it about 2 days ago and it's already half worn off. I apply base coat AND top coat and I NEVER have this issue. I'm disappointed. It's pretty but it wasn't worth the $10 and then all the effort to actually get a working on.

Theresa G.

I love all the shatter polishes. I started with china glazes collection and when I saw OPI had a whole line of different colors. I purchased all of them. The blues are my favorites : )

Annie O.

After taking a trip to my hair salon, they had gotten a shipment of the entire collection in and I had already gotten the black, red, and silver shatters so I ceased the chance to get the rest of them so I didn't have to worry about trying to find out sold out shades. all of the colors are very nice except the navy shatter. I was really bummed about it, the color sucks or at least the bottle that I had picked up. That day, the color set really quickly so I didn't have the chance to finish my nail or fix the errors on my fingers, plus when trying to get the color off everything was tinted that dark blue color. I felt like I had smurf fingers. Thankfully after scrubbing my fingers for a good five minutes I was able to get it off. Although I would highly suggest the rest of the blues because they are really pretty especially the turquoise one its absolutely gorgeous

Michelle M.
blue shatters
Photo of product included with review by Michelle M.

this one has a pearl finish and is bright in color. paired with the right base color it really jumps off the nail. for those that aren't shattered-out yet, may be wanting this one for a different color option. this photo is all three blue shatters, white shatter, and silver shatter over OPI Mermaids Tears.