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  • Green Holiday Gifts
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    Green Holiday Gifts

    Keep reading to discover three gorgeously green and glamorous goodies perfect for holiday gift-giving.

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  • Morning-After Skin Savers
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    Morning-After Skin Savers

    Been dancing the night away only to wake up with puffy, dehydrated, or dull-looking skin? Drinking too much, sleeping too little, and scarfing down pizza at 2 a.m. can leave your skin looking worse for the wear. Here are our Top 3 morning-after products.

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  • Top 3 Daytime Moisturizers For Winter

    Top 3 Daytime Moisturizers For Winter

    Winter may be cold and gray, but that doesn't mean you should stop applying sunscreen. A great way to get sun protection and stop your skin from drying out is to switch to a daytime moisturizer that already contains SPF. Here are our Top 3.

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  • Splurge or Save: Hand Cream

    Splurge or Save: Hand Cream

    Our hands need extra care in winter, so it’s time to stock up on lots of hand cream. But do you save a little or splurge on something nice with a decadent scent and pretty packaging? Beautylish's Tara puts two hand creams to the test and finds out whether it's worth the splurge.

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  • Snow Angelic
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    Snow Angelic

    We’ve rounded up our favorite divine beauty products so you can feel angelic for the holiday season.

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  • Top 3 Fast-Drying Topcoats
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    Top 3 Fast-Drying Topcoats

    In a hurry? We all know it's hard to be patient when your're waiting for your manicure to dry. Keep reading for Beautylish's favorite formulas that trim your nail drying time with one swipe.

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  • Beautylish's Favorite New Products!

    Beautylish's Favorite New Products!

    We get bombarded with products every month, but every now and then something that we take home to test becomes our absolute favorite. Here, the Beautylish team spills about their must-have products.

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  • Power Pigments!
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    Power Pigments!

    Want to make a color splash? Keep reading for our top picks of the boldest, brightest eye shadows available right now.

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  • His and Hers
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    His and Hers

    Have you caught your boyfriend stealing your cleanser, or noticed that your favorite bottle of shampoo has been getting lighter in the shower? In these modern times, guys are getting more in touch with their beauty side, so it makes sense to buy some products you can both enjoy. Here are our Top 3.

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  • The Top 3 Limited-Edition Holiday Beauty Steals
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    The Top 3 Limited-Edition Holiday Beauty Steals

    Luxe products, cheap prices! Keep reading to see the best deals on mega holiday makeup kits. Whether you’re gifting to your best beauty pal or treating yourself, you can score hundreds of dollars in products—all for less than $100!

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  • Silver Lining
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    Silver Lining

    Let the icy tones of winter inspire you to try some pretty silver products. Whether you paint your nails a cool gray or create a silvery smoky eye, winter colors look beautiful and sophisticated.

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  • Glassy Glosses for Winter
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    Glassy Glosses for Winter

    Everyone talks balms and butters when the temperature drops, but what about those who craze mega-dose of dazzle with their moisture? Thees glassy glosses will give you spectacular—never sticky—shine!

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  • Holiday Hair Inspiration
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    Holiday Hair Inspiration

    Get inspired by these holiday hairstyles and tips from InStyler celebrity hairstylist Dean Banowetz.

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  • Safe and Natural Makeup Must Haves
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    Safe and Natural Makeup Must Haves

    Natural, eco-friendly makeup not only helps the environment but also contains ingredients that are safe for your body and do wonders for your skin! And if you're going to use a mascara, eye liner, or lip gloss every day, don't you want it to be good for you? Here are our Top 3 natural makeup picks.

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  • Beautiful Lip Butters
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    Beautiful Lip Butters

    Lips already chapped? Now is the perfect time of the year to whip out your hydrating balms, butters, and glazes. Here’s why we love these nourishing lip butters for the cold weather.

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  • Runway To Real Life
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    Runway To Real Life 

    Many trends are strutted down the catwalk, but the fall/winter shows gave us three in particular. Bold Brooke Shields-esque brows, dark vampy lips, and bright, gem-toned eyes were our favorites, but they might not be trends you'd wear every day. We spoke with a makeup artist for some tips and tricks on how to incorporate these looks into your makeup routine.

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  • Vamp It Up!

    Vamp It Up!

    Dark lips were a major trend during fashion week, and with "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1" in theaters tomorrow, we’re inspired by anything vampy. We love a wine-colored lipstick for fall and winter, and are always searching for the perfect shades. Keep reading to find out our Top 3 dark lipsticks.

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  • The Top 3 Hair Repair Masks
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    The Top 3 Hair Repair Masks

    Beauties, have your strands felt like straw lately? Keep reading to see which deep-conditioning treatments you should try.

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  • All Natural Stress Soothers
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    All Natural Stress Soothers

    Long day at the office? Decompress with nature's best anxiety relievers.

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  • Best New Blushes

    Best New Blushes

    Want to create sweet cheeks? Keep reading to see Beautylish's top picks in this season's fresh rouges.

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