Editorial: Product Trends

  • Bye Bye, Blemishes!

    Bye Bye, Blemishes!

    Waking up to a sore red bump on your face is never fun, so keep reading to discover three genius products that zap zits before they form.

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  • What's Your Lip Balm Personality?

    What's Your Lip Balm Personality?

    Tinted, tasty, or enriched with TLC! Whether you're a glamour gal or a low-key lady, every Beauty swipes on lip balm. Keep reading as we breakdown our top picks for each type of pucker protector.

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  • Wake Up Beautiful!

    Wake Up Beautiful!

    Good morning! Even if you prep before you hit the sheets, beauty mishaps can occur while you snooze. From smudged nail polish to bad breath, we got easy bedtime solutions so you can welcome the sun looking gorgeous.

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  • As Seen on TV Beauty Products That Work!

    As Seen on TV Beauty Products That Work!

    Late night infomercials are alluring as ever, but do these sensational beauty solutions perform? We test eight As Seen on TV products to see if they live up to their dramatic guarantees.

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  • Beautylish's Editor Picks

    Beautylish's Editor Picks

    Want to know which products the Beautylish team is loving right now? Keep reading to discover which must-have lotions and potions we’re coveting for February.

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  • Is This A Salad Or Skin Care?

    Is This A Salad Or Skin Care?

    It's true, you are what you eat! But what if the vegetables you normally put in your mouth went on your face instead? Keep reading to find out how the same ingredients in your salad can do wonders for your complexion.

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  • Flower Power

    Flower Power

    Excited for the blossoming flowers and sunshine that spring will bring? Keep reading for a preview of the latest floral beauty products and makeup combinations.

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  • Your 2012 Love and Beauty Horoscope

    Your 2012 Love and Beauty Horoscope

    Ready for romance that’s straight from the stars? Keep reading to learn which makeup you should wear for Valentine’s Day, based on your horoscope!

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  • The 8 Sexiest New Fragrances

    The 8 Sexiest New Fragrances

    Looking for the right scent to spritz this February 14th? We spoke with fashion designer Roberto Cavalli to discover what he thinks makes a woman sexy, and why certain scents (and where you apply them!) can make a woman even more desirable.

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  • Date Night Game Plan
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    Date Night Game Plan

    Celebrating Valentine's Day this year? Figuring out how to cut down your grooming routine so you can show up to your post-work plans on time (while looking gorgeous!) is a tough task to master. Keep reading to discover how you can get glam in a flash.

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  • 5 Ways to Brighten Up for Spring

    5 Ways to Brighten Up for Spring

    Listen up, Beauties! It’s time to swap out that heavy winter makeup for a fresh spring look. But before you dive into the color pool, try these subtle splashes which will make for a gorgeous transition. Keep reading to discover five easy ways to get glowing right now.

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  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    Romance is in the air! Treat a loved one—or your sexy single self!—to a fabulous gift this February 14th. Keep reading to discover our top Valentine's Day beauty must-haves.

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  • Spring Trend: Tantalizing Teal

    Spring Trend: Tantalizing Teal

    From nails to eyes, teal is a color that looks great on all Beauties! A refreshing change from navy or baby blue, we love the ocean-inspired hue for day and night. Keep reading to see how you can introduce this uplifting shade into your makeup routine.

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  • Romantic Red Lipstick
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    Romantic Red Lipstick

    It's that time of year again! Whether you're planning a romantic date night or having fun with your gal pals, there's nothing better than a red lip to finish your Valentine’s ensemble this February. From lipstick to gloss, there’s a color and texture to suit every Beauty.

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  • Spring Trend: Highlighter Pink Products!

    Spring Trend: Highlighter Pink Products!  

    Need a pick-me-up? Dreary winter days are almost over, and that means we can look forward to next season’s bright colors. Keep reading as we sneak a peek at the best hot pink products set to hit shelves this spring.

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  • Pretty Is In the Air

    Pretty Is In the Air

    Feeling the chill? It may be the dead of winter, but there’s still lots you can do until spring arrives. Here are 10 pretty, inspiring ways to get through the rest of the season until it’s time to welcome the warmer months.

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  • Best Blush and Bronzer Duos

    Best Blush and Bronzer Duos

    Who doesn't love a pretty, just-pinched rosy cheek? Winter might make you cold and dreary, but an extra flush and some sun-kissed contouring can brighten up your spirits! Keep reading for our Top 3 blush and bronzer duos.

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  • Beautylish’s Editor Picks

    Beautylish’s Editor Picks

    A new month means new beauty products! We’ve sorted through and tested all the goodies that have landed on our desks to name the next must-haves. Keep reading for Beautylish’s favorite new products.

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  • The Best Makeup to Match Your Bling

    The Best Makeup to Match Your Bling

    Not sure how to complement a statement necklace? Get inspired by these dazzling ideas and learn how to beautify bejeweled accessories with your makeup!

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  • Best Blue Polish For Your Skin Tone

    Best Blue Polish For Your Skin Tone

    Feeling blue? We're not talking about your mood or the weather—it's all about nails! Keep reading to find out what shade of this ocean-inspired hue works best on your skin tone.

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