Editorial: Member Spotlight

  • All Eyes On: Suzy of macNC40

    All Eyes On: Suzy of macNC40

    While the Beautylish team was in Los Angeles, we met up with Suzy a.k.a. macNC40 for an interview about her start and life as a beauty guru. Rocking her OCC Lip Tar in Demure, Suzy was full of smiles and great stories. Check out the full interview with the lovely macNC40!

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  • All Eyes On: Ingrid of Missglamorazzi

    All Eyes On: Ingrid of Missglamorazzi

    The Beautylish team had the opportunity to hang out with Ingrid a.k.a. Missglamorazzi during a trip to sunny Los Angeles! The bubbly beauty guru on YouTube was looking stunning with her perfect curls and sweet smile. We chatted about her experience filming her first beauty tutorial, her aspirations, and much more!

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  • All Eyes On: Julieg713

    All Eyes On: Julieg713

    During Fashion Week in New York, the Beautylish team was able to catch up with down-to-earth YouTube Beauty Guru, Julieg713! We met up with her during IMATS LA earlier in the summer so it was great to see Julie and find out what was going on with her. Check out our interview with Julie as she dishes on her life as a guru!

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  • All Eyes On: BeautySplurge

    All Eyes On: BeautySplurge

    Lisa Pullano, also known as BeautySplurge, has been creating beauty videos on YouTube for a few months and has already created an array of makeup, skincare, and fashion videos. Currently working on her MBA, Lisa is a huge makeup and skincare fanatic and has the biggest passion to share her beauty knowledge with the world. Read on to find out about our on the rise beauty and check her out on Beautylish!

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  • All Eyes On: Klaire de Lys

    All Eyes On: Klaire de Lys

    Klaire de Lys captivates you with her enchanting voice and amazing makeup skills. You may land on one of her beauty videos to learn a technique but you slowly begin to watch them obsessively since they are such beauty masterpieces. Also, only expect Klaire to use affordable makeup that you can easily snag yourself too. Let her sparkle your imagination and keep reading on to learn how this beauty guru started!

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  • All Eyes On: YouTube Guru HollywoodNoirMakeup

    All Eyes On: YouTube Guru HollywoodNoirMakeup

    Ashley, better known in the cyber world as HollywoodNoirMakeup on YouTube, is the ultimate femme fatale makeup artist. Read on to find out a little more about this Canadian makeup bombshell!

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  • All Eyes On: Shirley B. Eniang

    All Eyes On: Shirley B. Eniang

    Shirley B. Eniang is one fashionable beauty guru. Her makeup is always flattering and her style is beyond chic and cool. Shirley’s videos ranges from gorgeous makeup tutorials, hairstyle how to’s, and fashion looks. Her blog, meek-in-milk, is chock full of photos of her style and inspirations. This UK beauty and fashion guru is fantastic in every way and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us! Keep on reading for her interview with us!

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  • All Eyes On: Bubzbeauty

    All Eyes On: Bubzbeauty

    You all probably know the bubbly and sweet Northern Irish YouTube Guru, Bubzbeauty! She's adorable, creates super helpful hair and makeup tutorials, and is all about spreading love and positive vibes to everyone around her. Since starting her beauty channel over two years ago, Bubz has 460,000+ subscribers and nearly over 90 million page views! She's a humble rockstar in the beauty guru world, being #1 most subscribed guru of all time in the United Kingdom. Keep on reading to find out more about Bubz and how she started Bubzbeauty!

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  • All Eyes On: Imogen of Foxy Locks Extensions

    All Eyes On: Imogen of Foxy Locks Extensions

    You know Imogen as FoxyLocksExtension, the fabulously big hair and gorgeous makeup beauty guru that has her own line of hair extensions! You’re bound to find a tutorial or rave of hers that will be helpful to you. Whether you want a high fashion messy bun for a chic daytime look or a smokey eye tutorial for a glam night out, Imogen has something for everyone. Read on to find out more about this business savvy beauty.

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  • All Eyes On: Deepa Berar

    All Eyes On: Deepa Berar

    Deepa Berar has been a MAC makeup artist for over 5 years so when she talks makeup, she knows exactly what she’s talking about. She started her beauty channel in April and has already produced 26 high quality tutorials, ranging from her foundation routine to a Kim Kardashian inspired look. What makes Deepa’s videos so great is that she breaks all her steps down concisely so you can easily follow along, including listing which products she uses. Check out what motivates Deepa to create her videos and what her favorite makeup products are!

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  • All Eyes On: Nur of Nurberxo

    All Eyes On: Nur of Nurberxo

    It’s hard not to keep on watching Nur aka nurberxo beauty channel since each one is always full of beauty tricks and tips. What makes her stand out is her down-to-earth personality resonates through her videos and her extreme knowledgable of makeup techniques. Read on to find out more about the lovely Nur and and her honest thoughts on being a guru!

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  • All Eyes On: Jackie of JaaackJack

    All Eyes On: Jackie of JaaackJack

    Sugar and spice and everything nice is how we would describe Jackie Perdue, also known by her YouTube beauty channel JaaackJack! Jackie is bursting with her sweet personality in her makeup tutorials and fashion outfit videos. Having only started a little over half a year ago, she has found her own unique style and a steady rising following. Read on to find out how she was inspired to create her channel and what her no-fail beauty tip!

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  • All Eyes On: Koren of EnKoreMakeup

    All Eyes On: Koren of EnKoreMakeup

    During our trip to New York for New York Fashion Week, we were lucky enough to catch up with Koren from EnKoreMakeup! We met him during the summer at the Pasadena IMATS Guru Summit and he was just as amazing in person as he is in his videos. We all chatted up over lunch and held our interview with Koren on the streets of New York.

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  • All Eyes On: Natalie of Cerealandtoast

    All Eyes On: Natalie of Cerealandtoast 

    The sweet Natalie of cerealandtoast on YouTube is one of the mini UK beauty guru’s that we are absolutely loving. Her chill out music and great makeup tutorials and makeup reviews are fantastic to watch. Keep on reading to find out more about this little beauty!

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  • All Eyes On: Fleur de Force

    All Eyes On: Fleur de Force

    UK's sweet and bubbly beauty blogger Fleur has an assortment of wonderful beauty videos and posts that you can get happily lost in.

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  • Spotlight On: MacBarbie07 & HelloBriddy

    Spotlight On: MacBarbie07 & HelloBriddy

    Check out MacBarbie07 and HelloBriddy's video interview and photos!

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  • All Eyes On: Mona Wu of Smerfette

    All Eyes On: Mona Wu of Smerfette

    Our interview with beauty vlogger Mona Wu of Smerfette.

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  • All Eyes On: Christine of xteeener

    All Eyes On: Christine of xteeener

    Read on to find out more about YouTuber xteener and how she got her start online.

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  • All Eyes On: Jessica Harlow

    All Eyes On: Jessica Harlow

    Our interview with Miss Jessica Harlow, YouTube beauty guru and blogger.

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  • Spotlight On: RachhLoves, Sexycandieeyes, & YoYoecho

    Spotlight On: RachhLoves, Sexycandieeyes, & YoYoecho

    Our interview with YouTube beauty vlogger RachhLoves.

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