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Not my fafe

This is not my favorite. It clumped up my lashes a lot. It didn't look like falsies (I have a big issue with mascaras that don't do what they claim) and it just look messy. I was not crazy about the brush either but it wasn't the worst brush ever. It was decent.

I would buy this again if I had very little options.

I hate the brush!

I cannot stand the brush to this polish. I hate it. I hate the irregular shape of the bottle because it cannot store harmoniously with my other round and squared polishes. Package means a lot to me when it comes to polishes. Brushes are important as well. I don't like the flat brush...maybe because I am not used to using one like it since majority are round brushes, but I just can't get the hang of it.

It does dry fast and great pigmentation. Formula is a bit thick for my taste but works nicely.

A nice cheap polish

I like this line of polishes and they last a bit however, I do find that it clumps on me really easily. I love the color selections and its lasting power and their glittery polishes are gorgeous! Sally Hansen is a great company and I like the formula of this polish as a whole. Cheap and easily attainable at your local drug store!

So great--but did not work for me.

I will say that this top coat is absolutely amazing. The shine, the shine! Nothing compares to the shine of Seche Vite. Another winning factor is the dry time. You can paint your pinky and by the time you get to the thumbnail, your pinky is dry to the touch. It's amazing.

However, due to the thickness of the product, and I suppose the quality of my nails, I experienced a lot of shrinkage with this product and a day or two later, my polishes would pop off my nails whole (like fakeys). So disappointing. I no longer use this product because of it.

Creamy and soft eye pencil

I love NYX. Furthermore, I really love these jumbo pencils. I want to get it in every color. They work well as bases, accent colors, and highlight colors! I love cottage cheese for highlighting, waterlining, and inner cornering. Such beautiful colors. It's a but annoying that the pencils are plastic and ridiculous to sharpen--but repotting fixes that.

Highly recommended product and brand.

Best gel eyeliner!

Love this eyeliner. It goes on smooth and stays on all day long. My go-to gel liner--I can't wait to try the eggplant!

It sets well and is highly pigmented. The black has a bit of a sheen when finished but can easily be fixed with a layer of black shadow over it. I don't use the brush included but have before and found it to be superior to other brushes included with other gel liners. It is affordable and comparable to other gel liners.

I'm a believer!

So I have been exploring foundations this past year and finally decided to try it. I love that it blends right into your skin for a flawless and smooth finish. I love that they have choices for dry skin, normal skin, and combination skin. Love this foundation. Can't wait to play with it some more.

An okay lipbalm

I wasn't too crazy about it. It's just really thick and makes my lips feel weird--I actually think I'm allergic to it since I seem to react to things with beeswax in it.

In any event, I think the round shape is ridiculous, the balm isn't extraordinary, it didn't do anything to fix dryness, just helped stave it off, and reapplying was irritating.

Awesome go-to palette

This palette is awesome. The color pay-off is amazing and the shadows blend really well--much better than the 120 or 88 palettes.

The glosses and lip colors underneath are also fairly pigmented but very soft. Be weary.

Blushers and bronzer are awesome. Gel liners are super pigmented and gorgeous! My only complaint is that they are stored with the powder blusher and bronzer so you actually get a lot of powder on them which annoys me. I wish they kept them with the glosses--wet products should not be mixed with powder products.

Overall--great product and worth the money. The colors are so beautiful and I find that I use this often!

Super pigmented cream blush!

Okay--so it's only been a few months since I began using cream blushes. My first experience was with MAC cream blushes.

The NYX ones are much softer in consistency. You literally only pat your finger in the pan and you will pick up a TON of product (so beware with the brighter, bolder colors). It is buildable with a dewey finish. Definitely will need a powder to set it (I used, Revlon's Transluscent Finishing Powder, see: my blog!).

Loved this and great price. Awesome color pay off. Wished it wasn't so soft though.

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