Beauty Product Reviews

Good Gloss

My mom is obsessed with these glosses. She swears by them and I do love them myself as well. They are perfect layered on top of any lipstick as well as just a shimmering tint on your bare lips. They're not too sticky and they feel great. A great product by Chanel and the colors are beautiful as well.

My favorite powder

This is an amazing powder. Before this, I used MAC's Studio Fix, however, I didn't like the smell or the finish. Chanel's product is so fine and rich, it give the most wonderful cover. I have oily skin and it is helps with keeping my skin matte throughout the day. And did I mention how good it smells?? Powder isn't known for smelling good but I love the smell of the Chanel line. It is a little pricey but you can buy the refill pan for less.


I absolutely LOVE these glosses. They are highly glossy and come in GORGEOUS colors. The packaging is absolutely beautiful as do all Chanel products. It's not sticky but it's not runny either...a perfect balance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Great mascara

I used to only swear by this mascara, however, not long after I got it, my tube started giving me a weird smell. It's a weird habit I have to smell my makeup to make sure it's not getting bacteria in it. Mascaras are supposed to last about 3 months and you SHOULD change it every 3 months. After getting rid of this mascara, I found something else I love for my lashes. However, weird one-time smelly tube aside, it works amazingly for my little asian lashes. I really love the wand and the formulation. I just thought I should give other brands a try after this bad stint.

Beautiful Colors and Pigmentation

These lipsticks are amazing! Super saturation in color and such a wide variety of brights. Totally worth every penny because it will last you quite a while and does not dry out your lips either.

Great palette for fair to medium skin

I absolutely adore this concealer palette...for fair to medium skin. If you're medium usually and you tan during the summer, this is not the palette to have. I use these concealers for most of the weddings that I do and they work perfectly. I, however, am not a fan of the green. Even with certain redness, especially blemishes with flaky skin, it does not do the color correction I desire. Other than that, it is pretty awesome. Totally worth the money. I wish MUFE would make individuals of these like Bobbi Brown does. I absolutely love the peach color.