ROUGE ALLURE EXTRAIT DE GLOSS Pure Shine Intense Colour Long Wear Lip Gloss


Saidah J.
Love it

Loved it....totally. I bought 2 colors, nude beige and red from christmas collection 2011. amazing formula and just everything about this glosses. loved it. In my top 3 for sure. It's like kind of very pigmented glosses and kind of a lipstick i would say. very creamy and good for evening

Anh P.

I absolutely LOVE these glosses. They are highly glossy and come in GORGEOUS colors. The packaging is absolutely beautiful as do all Chanel products. It's not sticky but it's not runny either...a perfect balance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Branka P.

these are so good i bought them in 2 shades: insouciance (a warm nude) and imaginaire (light peachy pink). they are not fully opaque, but still give a decent amount of color payoff. they're long lasting and feel comfortable on the lips. they are on the sticky side, but that doesn't bother me. and of course, the packaging is beautiful and luxurious looking. i've tried a few cheaper glosses, but they cannot even begin to compare to these. the chanel ones look so much more beautiful, the staying power is a lot better and the colors are more rich and flattering

Yves E.
Red? on me?

I really didn't realize the power of Red lipstick until I bought a Chanel Rouge from the Bay in Vancouver. I hesitated buying a red lipstick as I was afraid it would just be as boring as the other red lipsticks my momma used to buy.

I was skeptical. Reds? on my skin? I hate the color red. period. 1) makes me look fat, 2) makes my bosoms appear larger, 3) I just don't like it, 4) it stains. Wait... I know, I know... what's wrong with showing off my chest? Fact: I'm 34D/36C I don't need extra... er... enhancements. (lol).

I avoid Red as much as possible. May it be for clothes, or makeup (except for shoes). It's not the right color for certain parts of my body. Red enhances features. Red is bright and noticeable. Even when I was a full time stylist, I dare not use this color to my clients. I think it manifested inside me as well because the more I thought about red, the more I started hating it as well. If you look into my closet, you won't find that color.

"The best color from the whole world is the one that looks good on you." - Coco Chanel

I cringe at the thought of red but I also cringe at how wonderful that color looks. Its sexy, its in control, its vivacious! It's everything a man would fall in love for.

I hate you COCO CHANEL!!!

Yes, my first Red lipstick is from Coco Chanel and I daresay, I LOVE IT!! She truly made me change my mind about red. She showed me that I shouldn't be afraid to try. Red is still something I cringe on trying but at least I know slowly the boundaries I can walk on to make this color work for my own skin. I mean that's really what red is made for, being fearless and it also brings a different side of your personality.