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FINALLY! I true tinted lip balm. These are great for those who don't like lipstick, are new to makeup, or loves lip products! The formula is moisturizing and light on the lips. Some colors are more pigmented than others, but most have amazing color pay off. Sweet tart and Strawberry shortcake are two of my favorites. Creme Brulee is a very wearable nude that is more sheer. Also, the packaging is adorable! Great for a wash of color or bright lippie!

Unique and Fabulous Color

This is such an awesome color! It's not too red or too blue undertoned. This has more of a yellow undertone that I have never seen before. I love manipulating this with a creamy pink gloss or wearing it alone! The formula is also very comfortable on the lips.

  • C4

Great product!

This is a great foundation or finishing powder. This with some concealer and you are good to go. It doesn't feel heavy and you can get medium to full coverage out of it. It is also good to set liquid foundation with if you want a really full coverage look. The only draw back is it can cause a white cast in flash photography because of the titanium dioxide.


I LOVE, I mean LOVE the buffing brush. I would buy the whole set just for that one! It is great at liquid and powder foundation. I find myself using the detailer for lipstick and cleaning up the brows as well. The contour brush is nice for a defined contour but isn't the best at blending. Great quality brushes for an affordable price.

Packaging carries the product

I gave into the hype of this product, but I think it's average. The packaging is adorable, but the balm is okay. I think it sits on the lips more than moisturizes. For me, it is kind of hard to apply and I find myself applying a lot of it. I would probably repurchase it but it isn't my favorite lip balm. I do enjoy it, I just don't think it's worth the hype.

Bright Eye Effect

This is great at giving you that bright under eye! Has yellow undertones to brightens and conceals! Also, surprisingly good for covering blemishes, but I prefer the summer bisque. A little goes a very long way so use a light hand when building it up!

Favorite Contouring Bronzer

Once I figured out how to work with this, I fell in love! It is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way! It is a beautiful tan, with grayish undertones, so it looks more natural than orange bronzers. It gives a beautiful tan contour to the skin. I absolutely love this and it blends so easily!

Most Natural Setting powder

I love this for setting foundation! It looks natural and never powdery or cakey. It doesn't give much coverage, so I don't use it as a foundation. Also, you can use it wet for a more intense finish. These are pricey, but they last forever!

Great but sticky

I love this color! It is a great, carefree, glossy nude. My only complaints are 1. You have to use a brush and 2. It is very sticky. The formula does help it last but if you don't like sticky, you won't like this. Beautiful color, but not sure if it's worth the price! Wouldn't repurchase.

Not very pigmented

I love the formulation of NARS lipsticks but this one did not work out for me. I loved the color swatched in Sephora, but it did not really show up on my lips at home. My lips are naturally a rosey color, so this sheer lipstick did not transfer well. I would recommend it for light pigmented lips or those who want to mute them out before. I would recommend Maybelline's Coral Lustre over this one.

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