Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation


Amanda E.
Great product!

This is a great foundation or finishing powder. This with some concealer and you are good to go. It doesn't feel heavy and you can get medium to full coverage out of it. It is also good to set liquid foundation with if you want a really full coverage look. The only draw back is it can cause a white cast in flash photography because of the titanium dioxide.

Shayne B.

Price point $27.00 or 30.00€

This is one of my favorite powder foundations with more than 37 color choices. This can be applied wet or dry however I never use it wet. Coverage is buildable from medium to full depending on how it is applied. I prefer I flat buff brush or kabuki brush. Try not to use the pad provided they harbor bacteria and if left on the make up the oils from the pad will oxidize the powder. Finish is matt. Looks great over a liquid foundation too if used lightly to take off the shine. * If your skin is oily be careful when choosing the color it has a tendency to get darker with oily skin.

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Natasha J.
Most amazing thing that has ever touched my skin.

This powder saved my life..seriously. I was never happy with my makeup then one day I decided to go into the MAC store and try this out, and not only did I fall in love with this, but MAC products in general. I feel like this actually IMPROVED my skin. It has excellent coverage, theres barely any need for retouches during the day, even in the summer I would wear this all day and it would stay amazing. My skin is prone to breakouts and this hasn't made me breakout.

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Ashley B.
studio fix is the love of my life

PROS: I love MAC's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, because it can be used for any level of coverage. If you break out, or have absolutely anything you want to cover up, this powder will definetely do the trick. To make the coverage full I use MAC's liquid foundation, and then I use the sponge that comes with this product. That covers up EVERYTHING. For a lighter coverage, I use a regular foundation brush and only use this powder. It also has an awesome matte finish, which looks awesome in pictures.

CONS: It isn't a drugstore price, so if you can't afford it, there are different alternatives.

Stephanie C.

I use this powder over my liquid foundation and it gives it an amazing matte finish. Coverage lasts for hours and I never have to touch it up. I don't use the sponge it comes with (looks too cakey), I apply it with MAC's 134 to build the coverage I want and finish with a setting powder.

Monica F.

I love using this product, when I do have it use it daily (even though it's said not to) because it gives me great coverage and I don't have to constantly retouch through out the day. I have oily skin so this works well and I do not get any breakout's with this powder/foundation.