Natasha Denona Just Released Your Next Go-To Palette


As much as we enjoy creating colorful, glittering eye looks, sometimes it’s nice to get back to the basics. If you’ve been searching for more classic eye shadow shades, Natasha Denona is about to save you a lot of time. The makeup artist’s new Camel Palette features five tan shades with a combination of matte and metallic finishes, perfect for everyday use.

Rooted in Natasha’s passion for neutral color schemes, the Camel Palette is a tan and terracotta lover’s dream. The warm-toned, sandy shades are fairly different from anything else in Natasha’s collection, but they’re also easy to incorporate into everyday looks. Just like a camel coat, the mix of ochre, brown, tan, and bronze tones is timeless—the kind of palette that transitions from season to season.

Watch the video above and follow these steps for Natasha’s ultimate desert-inspired eye, one of the many looks you can create with her new Camel Palette.

1. Blend Safari into your crease to contour your socket.

2. Apply Dune to your brow bone to lift and brighten.

3. Blend Arrosto into your crease.

4. Use Zand as your transition shade, blending upwards from your crease. Smudge Zand along your lower lashline.

5. Layer Arrosto on your lower lashline.

6. Add Dune to your inner corners for glowing dimension.

7. With a pencil brush, trace your upper lashline with Arrosto to create a cat-eye effect.

8. Gently press Copper Stone onto your lid with your finger.

9. Apply Zand between Arrosto and Copper Stone and blend.

10. Line your waterline with a nude eye pencil and enjoy your tan-toned eye look.