Makeup Advice for Glasses


Ever wondered how to properly apply makeup with glasses on, and how to look your best while wearing glasses? Leave it to Chanel Celebrity Makeup Artist Angela Levin to understand a pair of specs—she’s given celebs like Jennifer Aniston a gorgeous face in frames! “Consider your glasses as a filter,” says Levin. “It’s almost like realizing that people see you through a window.” For those with frames, application is almost as much of a problem as the makeup itself, so use a magnifying mirror to your advantage. “When choosing a mirror, you want your magnifying mirror to imitate what you’re wearing with your glasses on—otherwise it’s too exaggerated! Try out different lighting and see what works best for you to get the most accurate application,” suggests Angela. Once you’ve set up the perfect lighting, it’s time to experiment with more face-framing beauty tips.

KICK IT UP A NOTCH. Makeup with glasses doesn’t demand a huge change on your lids—just amplify what eye makeup you’re already wearing. Intensify your look by by adding another coat of mascara, a darker eye shadow, or a more dramatic liner. Make sure to brush through the eye lashes so they don’t look too chunky or heavy. “With most eye shapes, your liner and mascara are most visible—get those down right!” advises Angela.

ENSURE A FLAWLESS FACE. “If you wear frames that sit on your cheeks, make sure to really blend your blush and bronzer, otherwise glasses will create that funky line on your face,” warns Angela. If your glasses sit on your nose, they have a tendency to make the nose more greasy and red. In this case, powder the sides of your nose more often and with heavier coverage. If your glasses leave an indentation in your skin, apply a concealer that matches your base right into the indentation and blend out.

HAVE FUN WITH OTHER FEATURES. Fortunately, glasses don’t limit the shades and textures of lip color you can choose, so the sky is the limit! A clean, defined eye with a bold lip is the hottest way to show off your frames—have fun with it!

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