What To Eat for a Whiter, Brighter Smile


Photo: Hemera/Thinkstock

Looking for a fast and cheap way to keep your teeth pearly white? You’re in luck! Beautylish rounded up easy au naturel treatments you can try at home.

1. Strawberries, Apples and Grapes

Eating strawberries, a green apple, or grapes after lunch helps keep your smile sparkly. Why? The malic acid contained in these fruits acts as an astringent, buffing away surface discoloration. You can even create a DIY toothpaste by mixing crushed strawberries in a bowl with a dash of baking powder and then rubbing the mix over your teeth. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly afterward to get rid of any stray strawberry seeds.  

2. Lemons

We’ve already told you how amazing lemons are, but did you know they can also remove stains? Indeed, the multitasking fruit contains acetic acid, which acts as a bleaching agent against coffee, wine, and other darkening substances. Swish one tablespoon of lemon juice around for nature’s answer to mouthwash Or, mix the juice with a bit of salt or sugar and brush the scrub onto your teeth.

If you’re crunched for time, simply chewing gum or drinking water after eating will help wash away the food particles and bacteria that can lead to discoloration.