6 Steps to a Smooth, Radiant Complexion


EVE LOM is one of the most sought-after skin care lines in the world, and for good reason. It’s been around for more than 25 years, catering to people of all ages and skin types seeking the same thing: a radiant complexion. If you’re new to the range, the best entry point is its original and most iconic product, the EVE LOM Cleanser ($50–$135). Aside from winning countless awards and accolades (Vogue once deemed it “probably the best cleanser in the world”), it’s the anchor of the brand’s skin care regime. The botanical formula includes cocoa butter, eucalyptus, hops, chamomile, and clove oils, a blend that virtually melts into skin as it gently lifts all signs of makeup and grime buildup. The product—which comes in balm form in a jar—really decongests as it cleanses and evens out the complexion. Many die-hard fans have found a marked improvement in skin tone with regular use.  

All three sizes of the Cleanser come with a custom woven muslin cloth, designed to be used with the cleanser to add a gentle exfoliating effect and circulation boost. When creating the system, Eve Lom herself thought that part was the key—that by exfoliating softly, the right way, you’d get more out of other products like serum, moisturizer, even makeup. There are a few steps, but it’s such a relaxing ritual to do every night. The stuff is no joke. It just may be the thing that’s missing from your routine. Use this step-by-step guide as an accompaniment to the included instructions, so that you can reap all of this all-star cleanser’s benefits. Trust us, your skin will never look better!

EVE LOM Cleanser, Step by Step

1: Start with a dry face. Take a quarter-size amount of the cleanser and warm it up in the palms of your hands.

2: Massage a small amount onto your face, starting at the chin and working your way up to cheeks and forehead.

3: Fill a bowl with hot water and dip the muslin cloth in, then wring out excess water.

4: Hold the cloth over your face and neck for a few seconds. The heat helps to really soften and open pores for a more thorough cleanse. For best results, repeat this step three times and breath deeply to take in the benefits of the aromatic oils.

5: Gather the warm cloth up into your hand and work it in a circular motion all over the face. This will gently exfoliate and remove all traces of the cleanser and any makeup. (If you have rosacea, you can use the muslin to press the product into the face as in step 4, but for massaging all over, skip it and just use your hands.) 

6: Rinse the cloth in cool water (this helps close pores), then hold over your face and neck.

Notes and Tips

1: For normal and dry skin, use at night; for congested skin, use morning and night.
2: Replace your muslin cloth every so often—you’ll know it’s time when it becomes overly soft . You can order muslin cloths in 3-packs here.
3: If you have rosacea (or even just very sensitive skin), please take note of the alternate directions in step 5. Massaging the product into the face using the muslin could cause irritation, so it’s best to skip that part and just use your hands instead.

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