Wayne Goss Makeup Brushes Are Coming! Here Are Some Of His Best Tips While You Wait


These days, everyone looks to blogs, vlogs, and social media for all types of creative inspiration. At Beautylish, we’re no different, and constantly have our eyes out for up-and-coming makeup talent. And while we can’t call beauty idol Wayne Goss "up-and-coming" given his 15 years of professional artistry experience, we first wrote about him in January. He has a knack for creating easy to follow, accessible video tutorials—the kind that won’t intimidate those who lack expert skills.

His one million–plus subscribers on YouTube would surely agree. Goss has connected with his fans by teaching them to improve their technique, reviewing must-try items, and outlining useful makeup tricks step-by-step. So, we’re thrilled (to say the least) to partner with Goss on his collection of makeup brushes, which will be sold right here on Beautylish starting in September. (You won’t be able to buy them anywhere else in the U.S.!) To celebrate, we wanted to refresh your memory (or introduce you) to just how talented Wayne is. Here are some of his most helpful and bookmark-worthy tutorials that are bound to get you as excited as we are for the upcoming launch.

The Quick Tip That Can Change Your Entire Face

“It’s probably the thing that can make the most amount of difference in your appearance,”says Goss. That thing would be eyebrows, and in this tutorial, he explains why a lot of us are misinformed about where our brows should start and stop. Watch and learn!

How to Get Dewy Skin, Fast!

What’s the one product you need to make eye shadows last longer and give your skin a fresh, dewy glow? Find out at 0:31 in this quick and easy tutorial! You’ll be amazed at how radiant you look.

Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

The trick is concealing the shadow the bag creates, rather than the bag itself, according to Goss. Watch this to find out exactly how to do it. The technique can make the puffiness virtually disappear! 

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