Seasons Change and So Does Your Makeup


Sad but true: summer is long gone. And now, not only do you have to change your wardrobe, but your makeup kit needs to go through a transition as well. The change of seasons is a good time to replace mascara, restock your skin care products and reexamine your daily makeup application. But it’s also a time to try out new things. Here are a few of my favorite must-have makeup kit recommendations to help you transition effortlessly into autumn. 

Exfoliant – Slough off the dead skin and the effects of summer’s excessive sun and partying with a gentle exfoliant. This will remove the surface that’s been exposed to the elements and stimulate circulation so the new skin is healthy and polished. It’s a perfect way to make your foundation application flawless. 
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Vitamin treatments – Skin serums and treatments containing vitamin A, C and E applied before your daily moisturizer help repair summer damage and prepare your skin for the tough winter months ahead. Even if you do not live in an area where temperature changes drastically, the toll of holiday parties and the increase of time spent inside will be ameliorated with the help of these powerful antioxidants. 

Foundation – You can use the change in the seasonal calendar to give you a kick in the pants to try a new foundation. This season, for example, we are seeing more matte skin on the runway. Try a sheer liquid foundation with a matte appearance for a more polished look. Quite a change from the high, dewy complexions of the summer months!

Bronzer – Just because you aren’t on the beach doesn’t mean you should stop adding warmth to the skin. Try a matte powder bronzer or multiple-use cream to create a gorgeous and natural glow. Only apply bronzer where sun would naturally warm the face (forehead, nose, chin and highest point of cheekbones are a great start). 

Mascara – Your mascara should always be replaced every four to six weeks. Use the transition of seasons as an excuse to splurge on a new one! This season is all about full, voluminous lashes. Try one of the new bold, black mascaras for an exciting look, but if you always wear black, black mascara can make you look a little too goth. Get lash volume with a warmer color like a rich brown.

Black Liner – Whether it is to create unexpected graphic lines or classic kitten eyes, black liner is as popular this season as ever. The new liquid pens are perfect for delivering a range of looks from naturally polished to perfectly unexpected. Try combining your liquid pen with a black shadow underneath to give your liner more dimension. 

Metallic Eye Shadow –  This season, the runway in every fashion city reflected back a gilded effect on eyes, from warm copper and bronze to beautiful yellow and rose gold shades. For your kit, keep it simple with a wash of powder shadow. Brush your favorite metallic shade across the lid from lash to crease, or pick up a metallic pencil — the Midas touch with a more subtle effect. 

Burgundy Lip – Grunge is back! Bold, blackened berry shades and deep, rich burgundy colors are returning to the lip. Get vampy with a beautifully matte lipstick or keep it more modern with a gloss. The look will be less goth, more gorgeous, and fully fall fashion.

Image: ONOKY / Getty Images

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