Help Save Endangered Giraffes With the Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Tomorrow is World Wildlife Day, a celebration of the flora and fauna that grace our planet. Most importantly, it’s a day to raise awareness of wildlife’s and our vulnerable ecosystem.

But the work doesn’t stop after March 3. In fact, many beauty brands are dedicated to animal conservation year round.

In 1997, visionary and nature enthusiast Sylvie Chantecaille founded the botanical skincare and cosmetics brand Chantecaille. The company harnesses sustainable ingredients and cutting-edge scientific technologies while acting as a platform for change.

Recently, the brand launched the Chantecaille Giraffe Collection, which includes lipstick with giraffe-designed packaging and eye shadow inspired by their spotted coats. Proceeds from each product purchased support the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), an NGO dedicated to giving giraffes across Africa a voice and a future.

Giraffes are known as majestic, tall, and silent creatures. While it’s clear that giraffes have height on their side–roughly 6 feet tall, newborn giraffes are taller than most humans at birth–they aren’t completely quiet, contrary to popular belief. In fact, they make humming noises at different frequencies, which researchers believe to be a form of communication.

Although giraffes create little noise, their actions make a huge impact on our environment. As the world’s tallest pollinators, giraffes balance ecosystems by eating foliage that other animals can’t reach. They pollinate as they go, promoting the growth of more vegetation and opening up landscapes for other species to thrive.

Today, Africa’s giraffe populations have significantly diminished with just 117,000 mammals left. Threats from human population growth, loss of habitat, disease, and poaching for their meat, hides, and tails contribute to the ongoing population decrease.

It’s a “silent extinction” that has gone unnoticed for years; however, one non-profit is speaking up and saving giraffes with an innovative approach.

Working in 16 African countries, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is positively impacting more than 100 million acres of giraffe habitat. The NGO is based in Namibia and powered by husband-and-wife team Stephanie and Julian Fennessy, who have devoted their lives to preserving this endangered species.

Photo: Rachel Claire / Pexels

Backed by partnerships, technology, and scientific research, the foundation leads a number of ongoing initiatives. They have embarked on the largest ever GPS satellite tagging of giraffes to better understand the animal’s movements, how they use their habitat, and where protection is most needed.

Where snaring (a harmful tactic used by poachers in which a long piece of wire with a loop at the end traps animals) is a threat, the organization de-snares injured giraffes and “translocates” them to re-establish populations in areas where they have vanished or survive in small numbers.

GCF also conducts aerial surveys, raises funds, and educates local communities about the environment to ensure peaceful co-existence. It’s organizations like these that spark hope for giraffe populations, and you too can make a difference with your support.

Visit here to learn more about GCF and ways you can get involved to stop giraffe extinction in Africa. And check out the Chantecaille Giraffe Collection for a feel-good purchase that donates directly to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.