Virtual and In-Person Bonding Activities for National Siblings Day

Image: Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels

With Siblings Day around the corner, it’s time for some bonding with the people who know you best, love you unconditionally, make you smile—and sometimes laugh at your expense. Whether you’ve been cooped up in the same house or are currently miles apart, celebrate your family members by spending quality time and making new memories in the process.

Here are some fun in-person and virtual beauty activities to enjoy with your siblings on April 10th!

In person – Makeovers +Wine Tasting

What you’ll need:

Add a splash of wine to your makeover session for a little buzz while you beautify. Provide brand new makeup for your family to try and also taste test different wines with a sampler kit. Not wine drinkers? Have each of your siblings bring a spirit they’d like to sip. Have a glass (or 2!) as you create full-face makeup looks on each other.

Virtual – Aromatherapy & Guided Meditation

What you’ll need:

Relieve the stress of the previous week with your sibling through virtual aromatherapy and meditation. Pick out a few therapeutic oil blends with ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and sandalwood to calm the body and improve mood. With a face roller, gently massage the oil into your skin with special attention to pressure points (under cheeks, under the eyes, temples, etc.) and breathe deeply. I recommend sharing your screen and playing a guided meditation video for ultimate relaxation.

In person – Collagen Cooking Session

What you’ll need:

Calling all siblings who are self-proclaimed foodies! This year, make healthier versions of your favorite desserts featuring a special skin-revitalizing ingredient: collagen. Choose your favorite from a list of decadent no-bake collagen recipes and get to making. I recommend the black bean brownies and/or the coconut cheesecake cups. These rich treats not only taste delicious, but also strengthen hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints.

Virtual – Reminisce & Pamper

What You’ll Need

Engage in self-care as you reminisce on your favorite moments together. Before your video call, compile your favorite photos and videos featuring each other, put together a slideshow, and share your screen for a trip down memory lane. As you remember the fun times, incorporate self-care by trying out a new face mask, eye mask, and/or hair treatment together.

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