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Taste Test: Beauty Drinks


We've seen our share of unique beauty inventions, but the latest one to crop up in the past few years is the beauty beverage. Not just a healthy drink, these coveted elixirs promise glowing skin and healthy hair from the inside out. But at a relatively high cost per bottle, are they worth the splurge towards inner and outer beauty? We put four formulations to the test.

Borba Skin Balance Crystalline Antioxidant Drink Mix

As a follow-up to his popular Skin Balance Waters, nutraceutical expert Scott-Vincent Borba made on-the-go health even easier with travel-friendly antioxidant drink mixes. Just pour this single-use packet of crystals—containing vitamins C, E and B—into a glass of cold water, shake, and drink. When we tested the sweet, aqua-colored lychee flavor, (known for it’s moisture replenishing actives) our skin felt less dry than usual.

Votre Vu Snapdragon Beauty Beverage

Even though this fruity blend tastes more like a tropical cocktail than a health beverage, the Snapdragon flavor is formulated with vitamins A, C, E, B6, and B12. The mix is made from mango, pomegranate, and pear juices combined with green tea, aloe vera, and ginkgo biloba. One eight ounce serving will set you back 70 calories, but it’s better than a margarita.

Herbasway Seven Açaí Blend Beauty Drink

This elixir may seem a little steep at $30, but one four ounce bottle actually holds 120 drop-sized servings. The unique blend fights free radicals—which age your skin—with antioxidant superstars such as açaí, goji berry, pomegranate, and Indian gooseberry. With no sugar, calories, or caffeine, it's a guilt-free beauty boost!

Sibu Beauty Revitalize and Renew Sea Buckthorn Supplement

Sea buckthorn berries are the latest superfruit saviors. Sibu Beauty based their entire skin care line on the golden treasures, including this skin, hair, and nail supplement we tested. While the shot-glass serving tasted a bit too tart for our palette, we noticed shinier hair and nails after a few days.