A Clean (& Sustainable) Beauty Brand To Try for Earth Day

Happy (almost) Earth Day! Earth Day was initially founded more than 50 years ago to raise awareness for the environment—and also our ineffectiveness to care for it. After over half a century, I think we’ve all realized that where we spend our dollars and how we shop directly impacts the world around us. By being more aware of the companies we support and shopping more responsibly, we can improve our own consumption habits and footprint on the Earth, for years to come.

While clean, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty is certainly having a moment—and rightfully so—let’s take it a step further and dig deeper into manufacturing practices, too. Caudalie, for one, is going beyond its all-natural vinotherapy formulas to foster more sustainable manufacturing and packaging.

Clean for the skin and environment

As a pioneer of clean beauty, Caudalie Founder Mathilde Thomas designed her very own no ingredient list to uphold their status as a natural and clean brand. Caudalie only selects ingredients both clean and non-irritating for the skin (no endocrine disruptors) and safe for the planet—which includes the environment and animals. In addition to never testing on animals, they ensure all products are vegan and don’t include animal-derived ingredients found in other skincare, including chicken/bovine hyaluronic acid, pig collagen, shark squalane, bovine elastin, sheep lanolin, cochineal, and keratin. Honey and beeswax are exceptions, though. By the end of 2021, all Caudalie formulas will be made of 95%–100% natural ingredients.

Reduced carbon footprint

Mathilde Thomas believes sustainability is the new luxury. While good-for-the-planet formulas have been a principle from the beginning, in 2012, Caudalie also made reducing their carbon footprint a priority. Caudalie joined 1% for the Planet as their first beauty contributor, giving back 1% of its total sales every year to plant trees. Today, Caudalie has planted 8 million trees and counting, compensating potentially 4 times its carbon footprint (!) They’re convinced that planting trees is key in the race to save our planet.

Committed to zero-waste packaging

Now, Caudalie continues to focus on reducing its carbon footprint and reducing waste. Made and packaged with love, the luxury skincare brand is now committed to zero-waste packaging by 2022. In other words, all packaging will be recycled, recyclable, or refillable by 2022. They’re also launching a recycling partnership with TerraCycle in the U.S. in April 2021. Through this partnership, all Caudalie products—including pumps and caps—can be recycled at their Caudalie NYC Spa boutique.

We love to see it.

Photo: Caudalie co-founder Mathilde Thomas with the PUR Project in 2015.

Photo: Caudalie co-founder Bertrand Thomas planting trees with the PUR Project in 2015.

Photo: Caudalie founders Bertrand and Mathilde Thomas planting trees with the PUR Project in 2015.

Image courtesy of Caudalie