Obsessed: The Facial Oil We Can't Get Enough Of


Squalane Oil: Indie Lee

If you're interested in beauty, you've probably heard the words “squalane” and "squalene" bandied about by now. Squalene (with an "e") oil was first discovered in the early 20th century by a Japanese scientist who found the substance in shark liver; he noticed deep-sea sharks didn't get tumors or show many signs of aging at all, and through research attributed that to squalene. Squalane (with an "a") is a refined form of squalene, a lipid that is found not only in shark livers, but also in rice bran, olives, wheat germ, and human sebum.

And while magical oil does occur naturally in our skin, the body's squalane levels begin depleting when we reach our 20s. When that happens, the pores start to enlarge, the skin tone changes, and blemish spots stick around longer. That's why adding squalane oil back into your skin is so beneficial. It's highly permeable, which means the complexion drinks it right up. And since it's so chemically similar to the sebum we produce naturally, your body knows exactly what to do, using it to heal chapped or eczematic skin, prevent environmental damage, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, boost cell regeneration, balance out oiliness, and replenish much-needed moisture. Phew. Enter Squalane Facial Oil from cult-favorite all-natural brand Indie Lee, which is 100% olive-derived.

As a beauty writer, I try more products than I can keep track of (and trust me, I’m not complaining; I live for this stuff). But this frosted glass-pump bottle has earned a permanent spot on my overcrowded vanity, because my skin has never felt softer. Never.

Before I go to bed, I use one pump of the scent-free oil and gently press it into my skin with fingertips. It absorbs fairly quickly and leaves a minimal oily feel. Sometimes on super-dry nights I’ll even layer a moisturizer over, but this step isn’t necessary for everyone. In the morning when I wake up, my skin feels soft and looks radiant. I’ve been using it on a regular basis and I’ve noticed it has softened my fine lines and has kept my skin super hydrated.

Bonus: you can use this oil to help heal damaged cuticles and on the ends of hair to prevent breakage! Get yours here.