5 Skincare Products That Work as a Wake-up Call


Photo: ©Alexey Kuzma / Stocksy

Unless you’re a peppy member of the morning person club, you may need a little help getting your body going in the AM. Some days, it takes every fiber of my being to keep myself from falling back onto my mattress and hibernating until the late morning. Sure, I could go to bed earlier instead of watching Friends reruns until midnight—but where’s the fun in that? If you are also a proud night owl, here are five invigorating products to help you—and your skin—wake up every morning, before you hit snooze for the 10th time.

The BEAN Antioxidant Mask by Mahalo Skin Care, $80

Like a shot of espresso, this coffee-infused facial mask will revive your spirit and awaken your skin so you’re ready for the day ahead. Infused with astaxanthin, cacao, and coffee derivatives, The BEAN penetrates skin’s surface to detoxify congested pores, boost cellular healing, and increase blood circulation so tired skin looks and feels radiant. For the ultimate wake up call, slather and leave on while you enjoy your morning cup of joe.

The Sacred Ritual Morning Buzz Body Scrub, $32

Mornings for me typically involve a loud alarm and then the snooze button. I know I need to be up, but for some reason my body is in complete denial. This caffeine-packed scrub gives my body the buzz it needs. Made from freshly ground coffee beans, coconut butter and vitamin E, The Sacred Ritual Morning Buzz Body Scrub stimulates blood flow to enliven muscles while tightening skin, exfoliating dryness and preventing cellulite. With this scrub, I (almost) look forward to early morning showers.

Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream, $99

Dark circles, puffiness and fine lines: eyes can be the windows to your exhaustion level—but this eye cream can help illuminate the skin around your peepers for eye-opening results. Infused with viniferine, which has been shown to possess sixty-two times the brightening power of vitamin C, this is like Photoshop in a jar. Also formulated with a cocktail of antioxidants, soft-focus powders and pearl pigments, Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream stimulates hyaluronic acid and collagen production to plump up drooping eyes for a wide-awake, youthful look.

Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo, $32

Some mornings, my head feels heavy with unshakeable numbness. Lately I’ve noticed that if I massage my scalp, I find some relief. So, next time you’re feeling foggy, try reinvigorating your noggin with Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo. The shampoo’s crisp scent enlivens my senses and refreshes my thinking so I can regain mental clarity. The orange, lavender and rosemary essential oil beads boost microcirculation while pfaffia extract energizes the scalp. An added bonus: stimulating your hair follicles promotes a hospitable environment for healthy hair growth—always a good idea, no matter how tired you may feel.

Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Body and Hand Lotion, $30

If you’ve ever slept through your alarm, you are probably familiar with the ensuing mad dash to get out the door. We’ve all been there. When mornings don’t go as planned, you’re going to need more than caffeine to revive yourself. I like to think of this Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin lotion as an immediate resuscitation. One whiff of this peppery, citrus-basil aroma will awaken drowsy senses and put pep in your step. Pop this zesty formula in your bag and apply on your hands, arms and neck for a creamy burst of hydrating energy.