Exclusive: Sonia G. Shares the Inspo Behind Her Latest Brush Set


Sonia G. is no stranger to the makeup brush world. While having a personal collection of over 2,000 makeup brushes, she has successfully launched her own line of brushes (including the Fundamental Set and Pro Set), Now she’s back with a brand new collection. We sat down with the passionate designer to learn more about her latest set of essential brushes: the Sky Face Set.

Can you tell us a bit about the new Sky Face Set?

The collection consists of five face brushes with completely new, innovative shapes you won’t find anywhere else.

Many people I meet often ask the same question: which brushes they should get first. Some have never even used a brush before, while others don’t have time to waste on a complicated routine. They all love using makeup and brushes; they just didn’t want to struggle to get amazing results. This set is the answer—this is the essential set you should start with and make sure you have in your arsenal.

Was the brush set made just for beginners?

It’s for everyone. With busy lifestyles, most people apply their makeup on the go, whether it’s in the plane, at work, or at the gym. This can lead to situations that aren’t ideal. Often the lighting is poor, so we may not be able to calculate the placement or have the time to blend or fix any unevenness we see at the last moment.

That’s why I wanted to create this series—to make the makeup application experience even easier, safer, and scalable. These brushes are easy to handle from beginner level up to the most expert skilled artist. They allow you to build up the intensity with control and security, and if you need to fix or tone the intensity down, this series has the best “fixers” you could count on.

Why did you name the collection “Sky”?

I’m fascinated by the sky, space, stars, and planets, and I love to travel! I wanted to create brushes that would be the perfect travel companions both in terms of functionality and versatility. When we’re on the go, we don’t always know what may come up and usually only have a limited range of products on-hand. That’s when having the right tools makes a big difference. This versatile series will deliver a reliable, safe, and effortless experience at home or on the go.

How would you distinguish between your Original, Pro, and Sky series?

The Original collection was designed for the brush collector with unique designs that complement an already existing collection. They were created to fulfill a specific task or role. On the other hand, the Pro brushes were designed to work with control and precision to save you time while delivering impeccable results.

The Sky brushes are the easiest to adopt, especially when you are in a rush or when the circumstances aren’t ideal. They smoothly calibrate your application, and offer flawless results with minimal effort. That’s the whole idea behind them—they’re extremely easy to use. They share the same handle shape as the PRO series, however, they feature a new blue color with subtle sparkles underneath the lacquer.

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