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Pro Face & Pro Eye Set Bundle

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Andria  P.
What a set!
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I Received a surprise gift from my husband. He has heard me raving about the couple of Sonia G brushes I have tried. This set is absolutely beautiful! The quality is exceptional. They are super soft, well made and blend makeup to perfection. I knock off one star because I think for the price of the brushes they should come in a brush roll, bag, or case That you could use to store them. They are loosely packaged in a plastic sleeve from the manufacturer and then rolled in tissue paper. This caused some of my brushes to be warped. They will be fine once I washed them! I hate to be critical since it’s not the brushes fault. I think it would make the experience much better and align with the luxurious experience Sonia G offers. Otherwise the performance is incredible and I hope to get her foundation brush soon! Sonia G and Wayne Goss are just outstanding!

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Alla B.
I just love this set!!

I’m in love . Seriously. My favorite brush of the entire set is the face brush. I really think it’s my favorite brush . Ever. Also I really love the cheek brush and the tapered brush. The eye brush set is every thing you need to apply your eye makeup. All of the brushes are extremely soft and my makeup application is much more efficient and enjoyable with these brushes .

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Jessica H.
Amazing set

This is the first set of Kumano brushes I have ever purchased and I am totally hooked! So easy to use, even for someone rather inexperienced with brushes. Foolproof application, placement and blending are a dream and the brushes are so beautiful and so soft on the skin! My makeup routine became a real treat, to the point that I now purchase new makeup just to have fun with my brushes rather than the other way round :-)

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Esther M.
In Love, Literally!

These brushes definitely stepped up my makeup application. They do not pick up too much or too little product & they blend like a dream, they are so soft, they don't feel cheap & they are just beautiful to look at. I Luv Sonia G Brushes so much that I have every intention of purchasing every single one; do I need them NO because these brushes are so versatile you can probably do your entire look with just a couple BUT what can I say I'm in Luv 😍

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Paula  J.
YIKES, I'm In Trouble!

In short, amazing brushes! Loving every SINGLE one of them, I find myself contemplating ordering another- especially the eye set! This is such a dangerous territory for my addictive personality... If only beautylish will stop sending me those "Pssst!...." emails - HELP!

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