8 Trends That Will Change the Beauty Industry This Year


Photo: ©Liliya Rodnikova / Stocksy

Let’s be honest, the beauty industry thrives on newness; with each new year, new makeup, skincare, haircare, and nail trends pop up to get our attention. 2020 brings with it a slew of new trends in beauty. And we are happy to report that they are more inclusive and socially conscious than ever before. The beauty industry is about to get more personalized, expressive, and yes, sustainable. While we may not have a crystal ball, we do know a thing or two. Here are the biggest trends we expect to see this year.

Cleaner, Greener Products

Consumers will continue to be more conscious of their purchases, forcing companies to find ways to increase sustainability and ethical manufacturing. This will translate in both cleaner ingredients as well as minimal packaging, and companies will continue to find more innovative ways to reduce waste, conserve water and energy, and source cleaner, more sustainable alternatives.

Brands that are already focusing on sustainability are ahead of the curve. Check out Farmacy or Caudalie for cleaner skincare and Hourglass or Cover FX for vegan, cruelty-free makeup.

Expressive Makeup

As far as makeup is concerned, we’ll likely see more individualistic expression in 2020. People are ready to be more creative, experimental, and unapologetically push boundaries. Unconventional looks can range from colorful mascara to floating neon eyeliner and mismatched pastel eye shadow.

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Hybrid, Multifunctional Products

As consumers get busier, they’ll continue to look for products that are more convenient and suitable for their on-the-go lifestyles. This year, we’ll see the multi-stick trend go further with products that not only have multiple uses but also simultaneously provide skincare benefits.

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Ornate, Embellished Looks

Statement looks will go 3-dimensional in 2020. Think pearls, jewels, studs, and gems applied across eyelids, cheeks, nails, and more. We started seeing face appliques in 2019, and they’ll possibly become more mainstream this year.

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Personalized Solutions

This year, we’ll see a rise in personalized solutions for everything from skincare to haircare to fragrances. As the one-size-fits-all approach slowly dwindles, consumers (and brands) realize that everyone is uniquely different and so are the products they need.

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Beauty from Within

Consumers are slowly becoming proactive rather than reactive, and makeup and skincare are no longer just corrective. Instead of just hiding and covering up problem areas, we want to fix them from the inside out. This year, skincare isn’t just about what we’re putting on our face but also what we’re putting in our bodies. We’ll see a rise in wellness products that effectively improve our health and, as a result, benefit our hair, skin, nails, and more.

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Color of the Year: Classic Blue

Each year, Pantone announces its color of the year which influences everything from what comes down the runway to home furnishings, industrial design, and more. This year, we’ll see Classic Blue translate not only into fashion but also makeup. Get ready to see lots of blue even in the most unexpected products.

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High-Tech Beauty Innovations

We’ll continue to see tech innovations disrupt the beauty industry in never-before-seen ways. For example, in 2019, we started seeing the innovation of bluetooth-enabled mirrors, revolutionary LED glasses that target eye concerns, and other innovations. That was just the beginning. We aren’t sure exactly what 2020 will bring, but we have a feeling it’ll be even more technologically savvy and sleek.