Sugarpill’s New Faux Lashes Are Super Glam


As makeup artist James Vincent says, “If you want to frame the eyes perfectly, it all starts with mascara.” But sometimes you want something a little less subtle and more exuberant than your everyday lash. Something that makes you and your eyes feel like the center of attention. The best way to do that is—nothing new—adding faux lashes. Falsies have always been the easiest way to feel like a glamorous Old Hollywood star. And that’s why we’re super excited about Sugarpill’s new six-piece lash collection.

Faux lashes have been around since 1916, when American film director D.W. Griffith requested actress Seena Owen have lashes “sweeping onto her cheeks” in his film Intolerance. However, it took another three years for falsies to really enter the mainstream, thanks to legendary makeup artist Max Factor. Factor applied lash enhancements to starlet Phyllis Haver—they were made of human hair, weaved through fine gauze, and attached to her natural eyelashes for a more dramatic on-screen effect. Because they were originally used only for actors—those who popularized the look include Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn in the ’30s, Lucille Ball in the ‘50s—fake lashes didn’t pop up in the consumer marketplace right away. By the time Twiggy came around with her famous heavily fringed, batwing eyes in the ’60s, falsies really blew up.

And they’ve come a long way since, thanks to brands like Sugarpill—and they’re as popular today as ever. There are so many different styles, textures, lengths, and colors for people to choose from, it makes for an instant and inexpensive way to add major drama. Whether you keep the rest of your makeup natural, or decide to go for a full-blown smokey eye, Sugarpill’s new lash designs will help bring any look together. But consider yourselves warned, you’ll want every single set.

Idol | $7

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Not only are these lashes cut in different lengths, but they also have three clear crystals adding just the right amount of sparkle.

XOXO | $7

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The most original of the six, these lashes are configured in an XOXO pattern, with a thin line of silver glitter along the base. Batting your eyelashes has never been so flirty.

Fortress | $7

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Want to make a statement without the bling? These simple, classic black lashes cut in varying lengths are for you.

Glitzy | $7

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Calling all gold glitter lovers! “Glitzy” is an apt name for this pair, designed with gold glitter covering the base and sleek black tips.

Crystalline | $7

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Top to bottom, these swoon-worthy lashes are all about glam with three rows of clear crystals and silver glitter, plus black glitter on the tips.

Imperial | $7

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Tiny black crystals sitting atop a thin silver-glitter strip at the base really catch the light, while large specks of black glitter at the tips add extra sparkle.

Shop Sugarpill here and make sure you scoop up a set (or two) of these lashes before they’re all gone!

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