4 Stretches To Wake You Up and Release Stress 


These four stretches will help awaken a tired body and help decrease stress in the areas that typically hold a lot of tension: the lower back, the sides of the body, and the chest. Opening up the front of the body in a slight extension, stretching through the sides of the rib cage and rounding the upper back helps to awaken the spine to increase energy. So essentially, it is a win-win.

Back Releaser

Holding onto a railing shoulder width apart, take a wide stance with your feet and pull away from the railing. Round the whole back. Use the resistance of the railing to pull as far away as possible.  Breathe into the back of the body. Imagine as though you are expanding the back of your rib cage as much as you can.
Hold for 15 seconds and then release.

Heart Lifter

Turning away from the railing, with your feet together, pull the chest away from the railing, lifting the chest towards the sky. Keep the core engaged and let your inhale lift your chest. Feel the stretch of the front of the chest, across the heart, and feel the slight compression of the lower back.
Hold for 15 seconds and then release.

Side Stretch

Turning to the side, hold onto the railing with your left hand. Cross your right foot in front of your left. Pull away from the railing, lifting your right arm up and over your head. You will feel a large stretch through the right side of your body. Keep core engaged and breathe into your side. Feel your ribs expand out to the side.
Hold for 15 seconds and release. Perform this same move on the other side.

Side Stretch Scoop

Place your feet similar to Side Stretch, stand sideways to the railing you’re your right foot over left. But now, hold onto the railing with both hands. So the upper body is facing the railing and the lower body is turned to the side. Now pull away from the railing, rounding the back. You will feel a great stretch the lower side back where most tension goes. Breathe into that area.
Hold for 15 seconds and release. Perform this same move on the other side.

Kit Rich is Los Angeles-based fitness trainer with endless exercise and nutritional know-how. Hollywood's hottest stars are addicted to Kit's unique, multi-disciplined approach that combines cardio, yoga, Pilates, and weight training. Kit's clients are immediately taken by her funny and honest approach to health and fitness. She treats her clients as she treats herself, "with a hard challenge, sensibility, sensitively, and a good laugh." Follow Kit on Twitter @kitrichfitness.