Counter Confidential: Brow Mishaps (and How to Stop Them!)


"Brow Mishaps (And How to Stop Them!)"

by Undercover Beauty Agent

The day of a big event can be stressful when there’s too much to do, and not enough time to do it. Getting your hair done and a new manicure plus finding the perfect outfit can take up all your brain space. Then, you are about to head out the door, look in the mirror, and realize you forgot to tweeze your eyebrows?

Think twice before picking up those pinchers! Those pesky little hairs might need to go, but when you’re in a time crunch, you are apt to make mistakes, especially if you aren’t that experienced or just in a rush. One false tweeze and suddenly you resemble Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth.

I have plenty of clients who do their own eyebrows and refuse to have anyone else touch them , but this particular client at the counter made a huge brow blunder that needed to be saved ASAP.

My client made an appointment at the counter right before a big event because she wanted her makeup to be fresh. But when I saw her the day of the appointment, she was really unhappy because she over-tweezed her eyebrows. The skin around the brows was red and splotchy, and not only were they slightly uneven, they were heavily thinned out towards the end. It looked like half her brows were missing. She said the place she normally went to was closed, so she did them herself and got a little heavy handed.

The important thing is to remember there’s always a quick fix for over-tweezed brows.


The irritation will go away soon, but you can always speed up the process with some aloe vera. A cooling moisturizer with with aloe in it will soothe the skin and help with reduce redness. Since aloe is good for irritation, it will also help prevent any bumps that might want to pop up.

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Pencils can look too harsh, and you don’t need to irritate the area more with hard brow pencils. Try a softer look by going in with a brow powder. Use quick strokes with an angled brush for the most natural look.

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Try to have your brows done a few days before a big event, but just in case this happens again, skip the tweezers and use concealer! You could do it RuPaul Drag Race style and completely erase your brows and then paint fake ones on, or you could just create the shape you want for your brows by covering unwanted hairs with a full-coverage concealer. It will create the illusion of sharp, precise eyebrows that tweezing, waxing, or threading will give.

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