Counter Confidential: Sick Days


Counter Confidential

"Sick Days" by Undercover Beauty Agent

Working at a counter can be such a rewarding job. Meeting new people and helping others feel beautiful is deeply satisfying. It may seem like a glam career, but here are some downsides to working at a counter. I can’t tell you how many times bizarre things have happened to me or the number of times I’ve caught nasty germs from customers.

You’d think my body would be immune to everything by now, but there’s always some germ lying around waiting to creep up on me. It’s hard to avoid getting sick when working at a cosmetics counter, but there are ways to ensure the best possible health for everyone. For one, try to avoid going to the counter when you’re not feeling well.

A beautiful pale woman with dark eyes and dark hair had an appointment at the counter. She looked so Ggthic with her dark features that I felt as if she had stepped out of a Tim Burton film. She was stunning, and I actually didn’t want to cover her dark circles. It didn’t occur to me at first that she didn’t look that way on a normal basis. She was sick.

It’s hard working on a customer who’s coughing and sneezing every three minutes. Even worse is that you’re in such close proximity to them. As much as I tried to avoid getting sick, it was pretty much impossible. She tried her best to control her coughing, but when she least expected it, she’d have fits of coughing... right in my face.

I’ll never stop working on a client just because she’s ill, but if you’re a customer visiting a counter, use your discretion. Try to avoid having your makeup done if you know you’re contagious. If you really can’t cancel, here are some ways to avoid spreading your illness to others.

1. Give us a warning.

If you’re sick, it’s always best to stay home. But artists understand if you have an event you can’t miss because of a little cold. Just tell us that you’re feeling a bit under the weather so we can provide you with napkins or sanitizer.

2. Keep personal sanitizer handy.

Counters will have sanitizer lying around, but if you’re sick you should always carry your own. Even counters run out of supplies at the end of the night.

3. Avoid touching the makeup.

As much as you may sanitize, it’s really easy to transfer your germs to some unsuspecting soul. Try not to touch too many things and make sure the artist doesn’t use their bare hands on your face. You wouldn’t want them to catch whatever it is you’ve got.

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