Counter Confidential: The Bachelorette Party



Counter Confidential

"The Bachelorette Party" by Undercover Beauty Agent

Whether your wedding is a month or a year away, it’s never too early to start planning the bachelorette party. If you’re scouring for a fabulous night out with your friends, look no further than your local makeup counter. The beauty department offers the same services as a high-end spa—without the expensive price tag!

Not too long ago, a client I was working with asked if she could make an appointment for twelve other girls for the following week. She quickly explained that she was having a bachelorette party at a club nearby and wanted her friends to be ready for a night out on the town. Since this was the first pre-bachelorette party booked at our counter, my co-workers and I decided to get into the spirit.

When she showed up a week later, my counter had everything prepared for her and the rest of her party. We pumped up the music, decorated the tables, and even served complimentary “mocktails” to all the ladies! We were fully staffed so each girl got individual attention. The night went from facials to falsies in a flash!

And the bachelorette Beauties loved it—many of them never tried a smoky eye let alone had a counter makeover! The experience was life-changing. The bride-to-be broke down in tears because she couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked.

The girls had such a great time playing with new beauty tools and learning about the products we had to offer. In the end, most of the girls wanted to know more about the items and try out different beauty services. Our counter soiree lasted until store closing, and the ladies couldn’t stop thanking us for such a wonderful party.

Having your pre-bachelorette or bachelorette party at the makeup counter is an intimate way to spend some time with your friends without breaking the bank. Most of the services are free and you can customize your party to your liking.

  1. Book an appointment: Ask your local counter for available times to make sure there are enough artists on the day you and your party arrive.

  2. Customize to your needs: Ask the makeup artists for specific treatments, such as a mini-facial or a soft bridal look. With your wedding date so close, it’ll be a great way to decompress.

  3. Bring party essentials: If the counter doesn’t have a music system (most do), ask in advance if you can bring your personal player. You can also bring your own drinks and snacks if you’re planning on staying awhile.

  4. Make a purchase: If you’re visiting a counter, don’t leave empty-handed. Buy gifts for your bridal party or friends (or have them buy you a gift) that might help on the big day. Tweezers, nail files, and nail polish are always great options.

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