Zero Grease, All Volume: 3 New Dry-Hair Sprays We Love


The rise of dry shampoos was a beauty game-changer. Suddenly we could all sleep an hour later, save our hair from extra heat damage, and refresh after the gym without showering. But the formulas aren’t perfect yet. I’m still looking for the ideal dry shampoo that soaks up my hair grease with absolutely no powdery residue—and I’m sure many of you agree (especially brunettes). And how about that rubbery feel some of these products leave behind? Yuck.

Enter the dry texturizing spray, a dry shampoo/texturizer/hairspray hybrid. With uber-light formulas and high-powered grip, these are perfect for fine-haired folks like me. Since my ’do goes flat after sleeping on it, these new multitaskers are just the thing to soak up a little oil, rebuild some volume, and make my locks smell incredible. Generally, like dry shampoos (not to mention dry conditioners), you use them on dry locks to help create and lock in a style. They’re also fantastic for just-washed hair that tends to be too slippery for an updo, or for creating a more lived-in, messy look. Here are my three top picks.

Bumble and Bumble Bb Thickening Dryspun Finish | $29

The hair care giant B &B recently debuted Dryspun as part of its immensely popular Thickening line. The name refers to the silk powders and holding polymers that work together to create the lightest, airiest hair imaginable. Spritz on after styling for instant volume and light hold; it’s also great for reviving fallen-flat styles midday.

AG High & Dry Matte Volume and Finish Spray | $24

This paraben-free and cruelty-free spray is perfect for rocker-chic styles. It has a bit of a gritty feeling at first, but no stickiness, which makes it great for teasing. Try flipping your whole head upside down and spraying throughout the roots while fluffing until you get the look you want. Inside, there’s PABA-free sunscreen for protection, plus scalp-soothing herbal extracts.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray | $42

The most oil-absorbing of the bunch, this was hands-down my favorite. When sprayed at the root, the formula’s patented polymers suck up all excess oil and give hair an instant lift—with zero residue. For a sexy, piece-y feel, also spray a little on your ends.

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