Eyelash Review Katy Perry


Katy Perry may be known for many things — over the top ensembles, cleavage, and kissing girls and liking it — but just as notable are the big, bold, thick eyelashes that she is rarely seen without. This is why it comes as no surprise that she’s partnered with faux lash brand Eylure to create a line of cute, fun, and wearable lash styles that everyone can get behind.

We put Oh, My! and Sweetie Pie to the test — two lash styles at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Oh, My! is a big, bold, stacked style featuring two thick rows of lashes on each strip. We love this concept. After a wild night out wearing several pairs of individual falsies at once, we’ve spent countless mornings prying them apart, and Oh, My! comes as a large relief. One piece of advice: the band on this style of falsie is thick and stiff, so don’t hesitate to trim it down using the included care leaflet to avoid eye irritation.

Sweetie Pie, on the other hand, comes across as a barely-there lash boost with a natural look and feel. Trimming our lash strips is usually a must, but Sweetie Pie is so thin and flexible it fit perfectly across our lash line and felt comfortable all day.

Eylure’s Katy Perry lashes come packaged in cute, colorful boxes, and each pair includes a vial of swab-on lash glue (we won’t miss the rubbery mini glue tubes that generally come with our lashes), and an adorable sticker of the lash style name. Oh, My is right!

We’re still trying to figure out if the choppy-banged model on the front of the box is indeed Katy Perry. Regardless, we’re happy with our Katy Perry lashes which make us look Wide Awake, and feel like Teenage Dream!