Exclusive Video: Dita Von Teese on Her New Perfume Line and Glamour vs. Beauty


According to Dita Von Teese, she’s just a “normal girl from a farming town in Michigan.” Of course, we know that isn’t exactly the case these days. The instantly recognizable burlesque star, model, actress, and designer is an all-around icon, and we caught up with her to get the inside scoop on her new fragrance line. Dita created the two distinct scents—Black and Rouge—over the course of a year in Paris, as she imagined “the kinds of fragrances [her] idols, like Marlene Dietrich, would wear.” In our exclusive video interview, the glamorous star dishes on her creative process, why it’s important to build a “fragrance wardrobe,” and how to ignore everyone else in favor of doing what makes you feel beautiful.