Invest in These Tools To Save Money On Products In the Long Run!


The Every Drop Beauty Spatula from Every Beauty and the Swoon Lip Gloss Applicator are new helpful tools that the beauty industry may not want you to know about. Why? They claim to be able to help get more product out from every bottle of shampoo, jar of face cream, and tube of mascara, which means you don’t have to buy new ones as often. 

Unlike your typical kitchen spatula, the beauty spatula has a small, flexible silicone tip and is designed to fit into the narrow neck of virtually any bottle shape—the extra long stem reaches to the bottom of the tallest containers. The tip's non-absorbing silicone and curved corners help you capture more product along the sides and "shoulders" of bottle top. According to the brand, up to 25% of unused product gets trapped and tossed in its bottle. The spatula made me a believer, working its magic on my barely squeezable bottle of conditioner; I had to find another container to hold the excess product in since there was more than I could use at once! What’s especially great is that you can wash the tool with soap and water and reuse it on a variety of products. It might be helpful to have some clean small jars to store whatever it is you're scraping out—shampoo, conditioner, lotion, foundation, primer, or anything!

The smaller of the two, the Swoon Lip Gloss applicator is meant specifically for, you guessed it, lip gloss tubes. It looks a bit like a calligraphy pen, with an extra-long, narrow wand, grooved handle, and fine-point applicator tip. If you've ever had a gloss you really loved, only to realize that the included applicator doesn't reach all the way to the bottom of the tube, you probably already get the idea behind this one. Swoon says that up to 20% of gloss goes unused—and this little gadget lets you get every last drop. The tip itself is meant to function as the applicator, and you can wash it and reuse. 

At $5 and $15 a pop, respectively, these may just be the best investment you make for your kit all year.

Photo: Panorama Media

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