Spring Is In The Air: New Hair Trends!


Never mind that Spring is in the air. Spring is in our hair as we get ready for next season’s looks. When considering trends, you have to seek out the source, so who better to consult about the latest in warmer weather hairstyles than Guido Palau. One of the biggest names in high-fashion hair, Guido has led the styling backstage at hundreds of runway shows, and has a firsthand look at upcoming seasonal trends months before anyone else gets a glimpse. We caught up with the hair auteur recently at a Redken-hosted press event. Our biggest question for Guido—how on earth does he spot a hairstyle trend on the horizon, anyhow?

“It takes a month after all the fashion shows end for upcoming trends to really set into my mind,” explains Guido. “I find there’s always a pattern with hair. NYC is generally simple and at times a bit sporty. Once I get to Europe I get a stronger sense of what’s evolving. Milan and Paris will give birth to fuller, sexier, and sometimes more conceptual hairstyles. It’s really not until I make it to Paris that I begin to get a feel for what’s happening trend-wise.”

Creating a trend-worthy look is another matter entirely. “I use hair products like makeup,” remarked Guido. When working on the Spring shows, he looked past the basic shapes and styles he wanted to create, and focused on hair powders and oils to create unique textures. “Women can be hesitant to try new hair products. Unwanted makeup can be washed off quickly but hairstyles can not.”

But Guido wants women to be inspired, and to try new things. “I encourage women to explore all aspects of beauty this season,” he explained as he sat down to brief us on four of the hottest looks for 2013.

Modern and Minimal

“Expect a return to minimalism”, Guido told us, like ”the kind of minimalism [that] came after the grunge period.” This season, Guido sees a move away from the big, bouncy glamour hair we’ve been seeing on the red carpet for the past few years. Instead, he predicts more modern, undefined locks—similar to the looks he created for Versace and Roberto Cavalli. “The overall look should feel pure and untouched, yet full of richness,” Guido points out. “Women tend to think simplicity is hard to achieve, but it’s about nothing more than wearing hair naturally, to have it look fresh and modern. It doesn’t have to be a difficult thing. The freshly washed look is the next big thing”.

Double Texture

If complete wash-and-go isn’t your thing, you can ease into the natural look with the dual textured ’dos seen at Rag and Bone and Alexander Wang. Guido styled manes to be sleek in front and wild in the back, bringing you the best of both worlds. The tidiness of the pieces framing your face keeps the look put-together.

Factory Girl Mod

Countless SS13 shows, including Prada and Marc Jacobs, featured a subtle nod to hairstyles of the 1960’s. Teasing and backcombing made an appearance, highlighting the retro details of the clothes coming down the catwalks. And these groovy hairstyles can look fresh for everyday, as long as we get over our fear of hairspray. “Looking back, hairspray has bad connotations ... but it’s one of my favorite tools. Women need to give it a break,” says Guido, suggesting that in order to get the most out of the product, you have to take ownership and ask yourself what you want out of your style. “Before you purchase a bottle of  hairspray, think about what it is you want to achieve,” he says. Guido recommends starting with a medium hold spray to ensure there will still be some flexibility in your side-swept bouffant.

Deep Side Parts

The relaxed hair of the season was given a feminine twist with an ultra-deep side part, as spotted in Guido’s looks for  Calvin Klein and Lanvin. The finished parted styles were all over the map—some simple and sleek, others wild and wavy. If the dramatic ’60s-influenced versions feel like too much for everyday, try out a simple side part with your natural texture.