Beauty Rules to Break


You know what they say—rules were made to be broken. This is especially true when it comes to the world of beauty. As every Beautylish member knows, makeup is about self-expression and creativity, and just because a particular technique is popular doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do something. Here are our favorite beauty rules to break. After all, there’s no such thing as beauty jail.

"Powder only after foundation"

We see that face you’re making! Powder before foundation? That’s the complete opposite of everything we’ve been taught. Won’t it cake? What about setting your makeup? Here’s the secret—a superlight layer of very finely milled setting powder under your lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer will “grab” the liquid you layer over it, resulting in a more pigmented, airbrushed finish. The powder will help the foundation to sit on the skin, diminishing the look of pores. This technique is great for the dewy look since you don’t need to set again with powder (use a setting spray for extra staying power), but if you’re very oily or partial to the matte look, we recommend a quick sweep of the T-zone— a powder-foundation-powder “sandwich”, if you will. Try Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder or Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder. Brush on lightly, then smooth on your foundation. Be sure to blend with fingers or a clean powder brush.

"Never curl your lashes after mascara"

We’ve all heard this one, right? The idea behind this prohibition is that an aggressive curling will crimp the lashes, which are more moldable with product on them. But the same principle means that you will get a better curl if you use a light hand and press gently. Be sure that the mascara is dry, or you risk pulling out some lashes when you disengage the curler. We love Billy B.’s lash curler for its wide curve and squishy, totally-non-crimpy pads.

"There’s only one order for lip products"

Lip liner then lipstick then gloss, right? Right! But also: lipstick then lip liner then gloss. Or: lip gloss then lipstick. Or just lip liner. Or gloss then lip liner. Are you confused yet? Different orders will give you different effects. Here are some fun combos to try:

Natural gloss:

Use gloss first, then layer lipstick over for a more sheer version that leaves your pout looking juicy.

Precision lips:

Using liner after lipstick ensures that the liner is placed exactly where you want it, and will define the outline of your lips for a classic lip look.


Fill in lips with liner, then use a clear gloss for a long-lasting custom-colored smacker.