Boxed Up Beauty, how to keep it cute when moving house


If anyone here has moved recently, raise your hand. In fact, raise a makeup brush—to your face, ‘cause we know it’s been a while. Moving could be the least glamorous activity ever. We beauty fanatics swear by our perfectly styled hair, penciled-in brows, and of-the-moment lipsticks. We have a reputation to uphold; our clothing is precious and our style is unmatched. But how are we supposed to put on a pretty face when our lives are packed up in a heap of brown boxes?

The common look for a glamour girl-interrupted is easy to spot: 1) The hair is tied up in an unbrushed bun (we lost our hair brush yesterday in an unmarked box); 2) The wardrobe is our cutest, cheapest pair of pants and a top that, ‘til now, was reserved for sleeping; 3) The face? We’ve covered that up with our biggest pair of sunglasses that we insist on wearing even though it’s pouring rain outside. Is there any beauty in moving, and if so, which box did we put it in?

The moving process is torturous on our style routine, for sure, but perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s often said that holidays only come once a year to keep us looking forward to them, but the same can’t be said about our beauty habits. If primping ourselves is a ceremony we partake in daily, then we’ve certainly over-extended the celebration! However, the week-long break we just took out of our busy beauty schedules to move house may make the practice feel new again. Sure, disrupting our everyday routines didn’t feel much like a vacation, but the day you feel settled enough to finally dig your makeup collection out of the bottom of a forlorn storage container, and swipe that favorite shade of shadow back on– we’re telling you, it’s gonna feel like Christmas.

So perhaps that’s the beauty in moving. Maybe abstaining from our everyday routine for just a little while can make getting dolled-up feel special again– and make us feel more beautiful. So, until that new lease is up, keep on primping, readers!