Under the Weather Beauty Advice


Getting sick is almost inevitable this time of the year. While you should always prioritize inner health over external beauty, it’s not fun to apply makeup on dark, discolored eyes, chapped and inflamed skin, and a runny nose. Celebrity makeup artist and health expert Jeffrey Paul shares his tips on how to get your body and beauty back in order, even when you’re feeling under the weather.

For dark, discolored eyes...


Your body retains water when you’re sick in an effort to heal itself. Unfortunately, this retention forms puffy, dark skin around the eyes. “Your body feels like it’s in a draught—it needs more water and minerals,” says Jeffrey. He recommends taking a bath with Epsom minerals because the salt acts as a humectant for the body. Lukewarm chamomile and black tea bags pressed over the eyes can help calm and eliminate dark circles.


Apply a moisturizing full-coverage concealer underneath the eyes to camouflage and brighten circles. “I'll color correct before applying concealer if there’s strong discoloration, but a full-coverage formulation usually does the trick,” says Jeffrey.

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For chapped skin...


Rough, dehydrated skin is a nightmare to deal with. To increase circulation and bring moisture back to skin, place two drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil in a warm bath. The steamy vapors will hydrate.


It seems like every kind of makeup cakes on chapped skin, so you have to adjust the way you take care of your complexion. For a pre-makeup moisture surge, apply soothing calendula lotion to clean skin. If your regular foundation still looks dry over the lotion, mix a drop or two of facial oil into the foundation before applying it to your skin.

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For inflamed cheeks...


When your face feels and looks as if it’s in flames, diet can help reduce inflammation. “While your body needs warming foods like hot soup when you’re sick, your skin also needs cooling vegetables to bring down the fire,” says Jeffrey.


Once a week, mix two or three uncoated aspirin tablets with enough water to form a paste and apply topically to combat inflammation. To cover the red, apply mineral makeup over moisturized skin. “Let your skin fully absorb any creams before you apply the makeup, otherwise the minerals will make a paste on your face,” advises Jeffrey.

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For a flaky, runny nose...


Perhaps the most annoying by-product of the common cold, a flaky, runny nose feels as yucky as it looks. To clear your nasal passages, calm the area down, and add moisture, Jeffrey recommends using a saline spray every day. To slough off pesky flakes on the outer rim of your nose, gently exfoliate with sugar, then slather on a concentrated balm in and around the nose. “It’s important not to exfoliate this area too much. You can do more harm than good,” warns Jeffrey.


Since cream-based face products tend to slip and slide off with the first swipe of tissue, layer a powder foundation over a thick face balm for coverage and durability.

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Jeffrey Paul is a compassionate and creative hair and makeup artist with an expertise in internal and spiritual health. His tremendous skill and artistic flexibility have served to catapult him to being one of the top editorial and red carpet artists working today. He has built a loyal clientele among top celebrities including Freida Pinto, Tyra Banks, Zooey Deschanel, and Eva Mendes. Follow Jeffrey on Twitter @JPBeauty and find him on Beautylish!

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