We Heart Fuchsia! The Fuchsia Lipstick Review


Pink: The color of love. Pink is sexy, cute, and full-on femme, making it the ideal shade for a lady’s lipstick. In celebration of the lovey-doviest of holidays, we’ve gathered a bundle of our favorite Valentine’s Day-worthy fuchsias for you to feast your eyes on. Red may be a romantic classic, but these bold pinks are ready to get you through all your Valentine’s Day events. Feeling tickled yet?


Amplified Lipstick in Girl About Town | $15

A well-rounded fuchsia that glides on thick! Cool-toned, the color finishes bold and glossy for succulent lips that will catch every eye in the room. The slick, creamy formula is undeniably sexy, but is easy to kiss off. Wear this shade to flirt, but blot it off before things turn hot and heavy.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Lip Tar in Anime | $16

The boldest of the bunch, we are head over heels for this look-at-me pink. This liquid lipstick is intense, and brushes on bright and opaque for a memorable fuchsia lip they won’t soon forget. A little goes a long way so apply this OCC best seller liberally, and touch up often to prevent color bleeding. A must-have pigment for sure.

Make Up For Ever

Rouge Artiste Intense in #36 | $19

An enchanting lipstick that delivers. The formula has just the right creamy and rich feel without gooping up your kisser. The color is classic and neutral, making it a great standard to keep on hand for hot evenings. Though the tube may look a little on the utilitarian side, the product within is well worth the price.

Armour Beauty

Lipgloss in Grace | $21 | shop it

Reminiscent of patent leather, the two-toned shine on this gloss is captivating. A strong blue offset means this color saturated gloss isn’t for everybody, but the glowing vinyl finish of this shade makes it worthy of anyone looking to make a statement. Named after the legendary Grace Jones, the color simply rocks, and though it tends to dissipate after a few hours, we have no issue pulling the chic tube out from our purses throughout the day for sexy public touchups.

Too Faced

La CremeColor Drenched Lip Cream in Fushsia Shock | $22 | shop it

Bam! Now there’s a bold pink. This luscious formula melts across the lips with a balmy and soothing feel which keeps valentines chapped lips at bay, giving us more chance to play. Though rich, the color doesn’t bleed, and lasts a surprisingly long time. We found the shade looks brighter in the tube, but the wearability of the pigment make it a great option for a range of of pink ladies.


Lipstick in Eurydice | $24

So much love for this ultra-matte neon. This is a straight-up bold, bright pink that doesn’t play around and exists to be noticed. The luster-less finish has a tendency to appear a bit dry, but it’s nothing that a dab of balm can’t fix. On the plus side, this is one pink that stays put. Go from dinner to drinks without needing any touch-ups 'till after your steamy post-date make out session. For fearless valentines everywhere.

Anna Sui

Lip Rouge V in #360 | $25

A pretty blue-based fuchsia with the balmy consistency we expect from Anna Sui. The pink is more wearable than it appears in the decked-out tube which features cut-outs and lace designs. The formula finishes balmy and opaque, without feeling heavy. A kissable, lickable, long-wearing pink that smells like what else: roses!


Semi Matte Lipstick in Schiap | $26

This matte cream formula is warm, bright and modern, with a light sheen that keeps it from looking flat. A happy shade, we instantly feel optimistic in the color inspired by designer Elsa Schiaparelli. “Bright, impossible, impudent, and becoming” are just a few of the ways Schiaparelli described the particular shade of fuchsia. We love the powdery softness of the finish, and the light, lemony fragrance.


Rouge Pur Couture Pure Colour Satiny Radiance in #19 Fuchsia | $35

Luxury in a gilded tube! This color-drenched fuchsia glides on thick and buttery with a strong floral scent and taste that only adds to the experience. Our lips felt coated in the couture color, making us feel extra sexy, ravishing, and ready to stun. The classic yet unique packaging confirms that this is one lipstick that feels as expensive as it looks.