Mix Up a Brand-New Lipstick in Minutes! Here’s How.


When it comes to lipstick, we’ve tried ’em all. From super bold and matte to semi-sheer and neutral, we have something for every mood we’re in. But you know how, on certain occasions, the existing shades in your kit just don’t seem to cut it? And you can’t find the exact color you want, at that moment? Well, it’s time to get creative. It’s so easy! Just take out your tubes and start mixing! Think about it like this—you can instantly double (or triple) the scope of your palette if you start blending. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, either. A custom in-between shade might be just what you’ve been craving.

1: Choose two (or three or four) lippies that you want to mix.

2: Use a small palette knife or plastic knife to scrape or slice off a small amount of each color and dab onto a makeup palette or a small dish.

3: Blend with a clean lip brush until you’re happy with the shade.

4: Got a winner? Load it into a small, empty close-top makeup pot (an empty, clean eye shadow or eye cream container is perfect!).

And that’s pretty much it. There are no limits, and experimenting is the fun part! Try mixing similar shades together for slight variation, use a neutral tan or white to take one of your favorite bold lipsticks down a notch, or mix a bit of vampy red or black into a lighter hue to deepen it. We tested out several combinations using Inglot Cosmetics Lipsticks and came up with three favorites, shown below. Use these as a jumping-off point, or come up with a totally original combo.

(Shown in above tutorial with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Brush #010  & Z-Palette Small Palette in Leopard)
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Combo 1: Bright Orange + Sand = Poppy


A fiery orange lip will always make your pout the center of attention. If you want a similarly warm shade that’s not quite as showy, mix orange with your favorite beige to bring the intensity down a notch. And this doesn’t just work with red—try beige or tan hues with reds, vampy burgundies, and purples. You can’t go wrong.  

We used: 103 Cream + 404 Matte

Combo 2: White + Deep Berry = Muted Mulberry


You can never go wrong with a deep berry shade. But add in a little white and—voilà—the shade becomes a little less intimidating, and a perfect everyday go-to for fall.

We used: 228 Cream + 132 Cream

Combo 3: Bright Red + Sky Blue = Bold Purple


This is classic color wheel stuff. We love the idea of blending red and a soft indigo to get a cool purple-blue. And if you needed an excuse to add a blue tube to your stash, now you have one: it’s always ideal for mixing and layering.

We used: 408 Matte + 290 Cream

Any lipstick color combos you swear by? Did you discover a new go-to custom shade? Post your pics and ideas in the comments!

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You've been through a terrifying experiences, experiences actually, and you obviously realized how blessed you are to have made it through it all. You're beautiful and a lovely example of how one can age gracefully if they take care of themselves...stunning!! Enjoyed reading your story.

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Miriam M.

I'm new to Beautylish, but already addicted. I can spend hours looking and reading everything that catches my eyes for my completion and age group. I am fortunate to have my GrandMother's beautiful skin on both my Mother and Father's side of the families. So at my now 60 years I have never been in the sun or, heaven forbid, ever smoked, so I have very few lines and just a nice even toned skin on my face. I was attacked by a Neil Guy Antelope at a petting zoo and underwent six surgeries until I was put back together but it ruined my lovely décolletage so I am not usually found wearing low cut dresses unless for a night out at the performances of the Louisville Ballet where the lights are dim and the scar doesn't show too much. In fact a few years ago the ballet celebrated it's 60th year so we all dressed up in our "Bib and Tucker" and some older gentleman leaned over during intermission and complimented me on my outfit, a VERY low cut shibori top and skirt with a train. I think his wife was a bit embarrassed that he spent as much time looking into my peep hole in the center of my top as watching the ballet. My husband thought it was hysterically funny and I was pleased that no one noticed my scar, which bothers me a great deal, but I'm glad to have lived through this attack to talk or write about it because I was left behind to fend for myself and I ended up having a vision of the BVM telling me to.."Take the bull by the horns and let him pull you up" which I did on the next run toward me and I went out the opposite of how I got into the barn, where someone left his gate unlatched and he got out, but I got to safety by climbing a six foot fence and then driving myself home with multiple fractures in my chest. How I managed to drive the twenty miles home, with all the broken bones and internal bleeding has me wondering still today how I got home safely. My neighbor took me to the hospital and once they saw the damage they called in a Thoracic surgeon who took me to surgery during the middle of the night. My first surgery was the most painful and had me in ICU for almost a week. The remaining ones were to keep replacing the threaded screws that held a plate in my chest util I healed enough for the surgeons to remove it.