Get Glowing Instantly! 3 Must-Try Facial Masks


If I could go to the spa every day I would. But if I did, I’d be broke in less than a week. Luckily, there are plenty of treatment products designed to give you the benefits of, say, a facial, at home. When I recently decided to give three of the most popular face masks on Beautylish a try, I was pleasantly surprised: I’d heard the hype, but had my doubts going in. My skin is what you’d call combination, and has a tendency to look seriously dull following an off night (when I don’t eat well, fall asleep with my makeup on, or don’t get enough sleep).

I’m happy to report all three were all able to whip my complexion back into shape and make me feel confident to face the day—no matter how late I came home the night before.

Bliss Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask

$38 | shop it

Best for: dry or dull-looking skin

Standout ingredients: Bilberry, vitamin C, and seaweed, each known to help brighten skin and fade dark spots

Verdict: If your skin is looking less glowy after a weekend of too many glasses of vino, than this is the mask for you! I popped this baby on after a round of several birthday parties, laid down for a bit, and let it do its thing. The set comes with six single-use powder packs, a measuring cup, and mixing spatulas. It’s really easy to mix it up (you just add water), and as soon as you smooth it on, your face feels pleasantly cool—and even more so once it starts hardening into what feels like rubber (hence the name). My skin didn’t feel tight at any point, instead, it just felt really soothing from the second I put it on. After about 20 minutes, when I peeled the mask off (which was weirdly satisfying), my complexion felt incredibly smooth and I had a nice glow going on—which lasted into the next day! I’ll definitely be keeping this on hand when my skin needs some extra TLC. 

Beautylish member take: “My skin felt so clean and smooth! It’s definitely worth the money...I like the rubberizing effect. Your face doesn’t feel hard and uncomfortable when the mask is on, which usually happens to me with clay masks. I would highly recommend this product to everyone!” Emily F.

Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

$48 | shop it

Best for: Correcting uneven tones or reducing the appearance of dark spots

Standout ingredients: Wild rose oil, which evens out tone and repairs fine lines, and stabilized vitamin C, which helps minimize discoloration

Verdict: At first I was skeptical about leaving a mask on overnight. Would I wake up looking like a hot mess with a dried product all over my pillow? Thankfully, it was the exact opposite! In the morning, there was no trace of the mask—it absorbed into my skin overnight! And while Korres says you’ll usually see results after two weeks of regular use, I actually noticed a difference in my skin immediately—it looked way more even, and my freckles looked more subtle, which made me happy. One note: apply your regular night lotions, creams, and serums before you slather on this treatment. Then apply it over the top and wake up to brighter skin!

Beautylish member take: “I’ve tried many brightening products with poor results, including washes and creams with AHAs and glycolic acid, the works. This product is the only one that immediately started giving results. I have very fair, sensitive, oily, problem-prone skin that discolors easily. After applying the overnight facial my skin looks calmer, smoother, and brighter in the morning, and it’s already significantly improving dark spots after a few weeks of use. The only downside is I do find it to be drying on winter skin and it has a very strong scent (which I like, but my boyfriend hates and complains about when I come to bed! haha).”  –Andrea L.

GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment 

$69 | shop it

Best for: dry or normal skin 

Standout ingredients: GlamGlow is known for its own proprietary blends, in this case DEWDRATION, a mix of hyaluronic acid and citric acid for deep hydration; HYDRAPACK, moisturizing sugars and acids derived from apples; and GREENENERGY, a detoxifying combo of raw honey and ginger root

Verdict: I was a fan of this mask before I even put it on my face—the citrusy scent is incredible! And when you do put it on, it feels great instantly thanks to the creamy texture (there’s no drying or cracking action). I typically like to exfoliate before using a hydrating mask, and I think doing so before this one actually helped me reap even more benefits from it. After wearing it for just 15 minutes I rinsed it off and was shocked at how bright and youthful-looking my skin was. I followed with a moisturizer and didn’t even feel the need to put on makeup before leaving the house! Basically it looked like I just stepped off the plane from a tropical vacation. So yep, I’ll be using this one again! 

Beautylish member take: “Thirstymud lives up to the hype and goes beyond. My skin has been really dry recently and no moisturizer or mask could truly hydrate my skin—that is, until I found this. It makes my dark under eye circles brighter and completely nourishes the very dry patches around my nose. Plus, a little goes a long way, so this little jar with a hefty price tag will easily last for 4+ months. I don’t know how my dry skin lived before ThirstyMud.” Victoria U

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