Organize Your Nail Polishes! 5 Creative Ways to Do It


If you’re a nail polish freak like me, your collection is always growing, maybe even to massive proportions. Even if you have every single shade that has ever existed—what does it matter if you can’t find the color you’re looking for among the chaos?

The mere thought of trying to organize the avalanche of bottles all over your floor or in your vanity drawer might seem overwhelming, but have no fear! We have five ideas for making your beloved collection more user-friendly, so you can have your favorite Cult Nails Lacquer right there and ready at a moment’s notice.

Salon Wall Rack

You know those handy clear acrylic polish racks you see at professional nail salons? You can buy them on Amazon. Some might think such a solution is out of place in a humble abode, but not me! This is how I organize my personal mani collection. I like wall-mounted racks because they don’t take up floor space, or much space at all. They’re easy to assemble, and it’s fun to pretend like you have your own personal in-house spa! Maybe next I’ll get one of those Nagel-esque decals on my window.

Dessert Tray

A two or three-tiered dessert tray is a cute, distinctive way to display your polishes. You can find these at any store that sells kitchen goods, on Amazon, and you might also be able to score one at a garage sale or a thrift store. We highly encourage customizing a second-hand tray with spray paint, glitter(!), or decoupage.

Vintage Train Case

If you prefer your polishes to stay out of the way, a vintage train case can be a fun option. Thrift stores and flea markets are both great sources, and you can also find them on Etsy. And bonus: your collection will be instantly portable!

Antique File Cabinet with Dividers

File cabinets can be pretty pricey, but if you happen to find an old one at a flea market or a garage sale, they make for another awesome upcycled storage solution. If you like the finish, keep it as is, or paint on a fresh new color. Then pick up some slotted dividers like these and use them to organize drawers by color or brand. Don’t forget to swatch the top of your caps with a dab of the corresponding polish, so it’s even easier to find the one you want when you pop open a drawer.

DIY Rack

If you love a good project, a homemade rack is a great idea and probably the least damaging to your wallet (you can use the money you save to buy more polish, of course!) Plus, you’ll easily be able to make as many racks as you need, depending on how big your stash is. There’s no one way to do it, but we’re really loving this idea from our member Nicole V.! She bought inexpensive patterned jewelry organizers and fashioned them into a stacked, wall-mounted storage solution for her vast collection. Customizable—and functional! So awesome. Watch the video to get all the details.