Flaky, Itchy, Dry Skin? Here’s How to Choose and Use Foundation


Let’s face it, the winter is brutal for those of us with dry skin. On top of trying to constantly keep your complexion hydrated, you also have to find a base product (in the right shade) that gives even coverage and lasts all day without flaking. It’s enough to make you want to forget about foundation entirely. But before you do that, read this advice from Derek Selby, International Director of Artistry and Education at Cover FX.

According to Selby, there’s no need to avoid foundation altogether, no matter how dry your skin or how frigid it’s outside. You just have to make sure you’re taking appropriate care of your skin prior to applying makeup. Here are tips from Selby himself to get your dry skin looking flawless, especially during the colder months.

Skin care tactics

The best thing you can do for dry skin during winter? Exfoliate. For best results, Selby suggests using a scrub with tiny, natural beads that will help pull away dull, dead skin cells. Or you can use an exfoliator that contains alpha-hydroxy acid, which is known to break down the bonds that hold dried out, damaged skin cells together. Selby also recommends using a gentle cream cleanser and a moisturizer twice a day, plus a hydrating mask at night three times per week, to give the skin the extra moisture it needs.

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Finding your foundation

There’s one ingredient you should avoid in foundation according to Selby: talc. “It looks dry and chalky, and absorbs moisture, so it’s not a good choice for people with dry skin,” he says, noting that an emollient formula is less harsh and will help hydrate skin while making it appear more moist and youthful. All Cover FX foundations fit the bill, and include some really powerful ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, and ceramides (for super dry skin, Selby’s pick is the Total Cream Cover Foundation). Their formula is ideal, because it gives you treatment and foundation together—it’ll make your skin look great day-to-day because of the natural-looking coverage, and also improve your texture and tone over time. Selby puts it best, describing the foundations as “technologically advanced skin care that covers imperfections.”

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After moisturizing, see how your skin looks. If there’s still flakiness, Selby suggests applying a generous amount of primer with hyaluronic acid—which holds moisture in—like Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer. Dab some on a sponge and massage it in a circular motion over the flakes. Once you’re ready to put on foundation, use a flat brush. “A brush gives you as little friction as possible and avoids lifting dead skin cells, which can cause visible flakes,” Selby explains.

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