The Brow Definer That’ll Make Your Mornings Easier


There’s no denying that Anastasia Soare, of Anastasia Beverly Hills fame, is the queen of eyebrows. Her line is filled with everything you could possibly need to create the perfect arches at-home. And the new year has brought a few new releases to the collection, one being the Dipbrow Pomade ($18)—a do-it-all miracle product that’ll make your mornings easier. It’s a must-have!

For starters, it’s a brow definer that also works as a stay-put eyeliner (hooray for multitaskers!). The creamy, smudge-free, waterproof formula comes in a small glass pot and is meant to be applied with an angled brush; we recommend Anastasia #12 Large Synthetic Duo Brush. Because the formula is heavy, and quite opaque it’s best to dip the brush into a small amount of the product and apply lightly, and blend with a spooley brush. But don’t let the idea of a heavy brow definer scare you; it’s what makes the product unique.

Typically makeup artists use some combination of pencils, pens, powders, and gels to create well-defined and natural-looking brows (and many of us regular folks, do, too!). Pencils have a waxy texture that can look too harsh when used on its own, pens are great for filling in bare spots, and powders usually have a low color pay-off—plus, you always need a layer of brow gel to ensure it doesn’t smudge. But Dipbrow sort of combines everything you need into one product. The formula glides on easily while also adhering to hairs; this lets you fill in thinner spots, shape, and shade in brows. While it’s great for all brow types, it’s especially helpful for those with thin ones because it bulks up the hairs you already have for a really sharp brow. The thick consistency also keeps hairs in place, but if you have unruly brows, you may find it helpful to finish with a layer of brow gel.

Anything that streamlines your routine is a go, right? Shop Anastasia and get your hands on Dipbrow before it sells out!

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