How to Fake A Longer Ponytail (No Extensions Necessary)


The ponytail is, and will always be, the gold-standard of go-to hairstyles for no-fuss days. This upgrade is perfect for when you want to take your pony to the next level by faking some extra “length."  We’ve seen similar “illusion“ techniques around the web and thought ... sounds great, but maybe too good to be true? Not so! Celebrity hairstylist Creighton Bowman recently showed us the trick, which involves careful sectioning and a second pony hidden low at the back of the neck. It’s easy, and it totally works! Here’s how to do it.

You Will Need

  • hair elastics
  • hair clip
  • comb and/or brush
  • hairspray
  • bobby pins

1: Separate hair into 2 sections—top and bottom, as pictured. The bottom section should follow an upside down “U“ shape, so that there’s enough hair on each side to cover the lower section.

2: Clip the top section up and out of the way.

3: Gather the bottom section into a ponytail at the back of the head and secure with an elastic. Spray with hairspray.

4: Unclip the top section and tease lightly for volume; spray lightly with hairspray.

5: Gather top section up and back toward the crown, creating a pony right above the bottom one. Instead of pulling hair tight against the head, leave a little slack to let the teased part add volume, and secure with an elastic.

6: If necessary, loosen hair a bit more by pulling strands on the front segment lightly with your fingers; then spray into place. Repeat until the shape looks good.

That’s all it takes. The top pony pretty much conceals the bottom one, and you get the look of one single, seamless, flowing ponytail. For a more polished finish, use a flat or curling iron on the ends until you get the look you want.