A Party-Perfect Hairstyle That’s Truly Easy! Meet The Low Loop Bun


We’re envious of those people who have no problem throwing a hairstyle together in less than 10 minutes. You know, the type of ’do that looks effortless yet professionally done? Luckily, this season is all about perfecting messy-chic hair. Now that’s something we can all get on board with, regardless of our natural-born texture! When we asked celebrity hairstylist Creighton Bowman to show us an easy, party-perfect style that anyone could recreate, he showed us this the low, slightly messy, ultra-pretty looped bun. We gave it a go—and guess what? It took just a few minutes to do and looks way more intricate than it actually is. But no one needs to know that, right? Follow our step-by-step guide below to recreate this day or night look.

You Will Need

• boar bristle brush
• hairspray; we used Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray ($3.99) 
• smoothing cream and/or shine spray; we used Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Gloss Crème ($3.99) and Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Heat Protect & Shine Spray ($3.99)
• hair bungee and hair elastic (or 2 elastics)
• bobby pins

1: To start, get out any tangles using a boar bristle brush, which will add shine. For extra shine, use a shine spray. We used Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Heat Protect & Shine Spray because it’ll leave hair glossy and silky, but not greasy.

2: Secure hair into a low ponytail. Bowman prefers hair bungees (covered elastic with hooks on either end), because they adjust to any hair thickness, keep your style in place, and are less likely to crease hair.

If you’re prone to flyaways, Bowman suggests this trick: “Spray your palms with hairspray, rub them together, and smooth over the top and crown of the head, and if you need it, through the ponytail.” We like Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray because it tames flyaways and strays, and gives the perfect amount of hold with no stiff, helmet-hair effect. 

3: Grasp the end of the ponytail and fold hair into a loop, with the loose ends pointing upward. Roll the hair around the around so the ends end up facing down (as pictured) and secure with a hair elastic over top.

4: Pull a strand of hair from one side of the loop and wrap it around the base to cover the elastic. Secure with a pin. Let any wispy pieces be—this style is meant to be a little messy!

5: Repeat step 4 on the opposite side.

6: If you want to loosen up the loop, gently tug the sides and arrange the stray hairs until you’re happy with the style.** **

7: To get tame any errant flyaways and boost shine, use a tiny dab of smoothing cream like Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Gloss Crème.

Finally, mist the looped bun with hairspray to hold everything in place. Voilà!

below, left to right: Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Heat Protect & Shine SprayVidal Sassoon Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray , and Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Gloss Crème

This story was sponsored by Vidal Sassoon.